Friday, July 9, 2010

Wait- What Was I Saying?

Have you read Still Alice yet? A great book, but my level of paranoia has reached new heights after reading it. Suddenly I'm keenly aware of exactly how much I forget. The other day for instance, Molly was wearing a cute little sundress to Tot Watch. As I was helping her out of her car seat I got a flash of bare bottom. Underpants! We forgot underpants! The next day I turned around halfway to the Y because I forgot to take my water to spinning; when we got there I remembered class was cancelled. Today I couldn't remember the commercial I wanted to blog about, but I knew it was a Taco Bell ad. Ok Jules, just do a YouTube search for all Taco Bell commercials. Problem solved, and! Happy accident! I found this nugget. First off, I didn't know they actually had Taco Bell in Mexico. That seems so so wrong, but makes me feel infinitely better about my claim to love authentic Mexican food. I also empathize with the groom because I see mirages on a regular basis of men in uniform offering me Taco Bell. Of course in my case, it's always the chilito. And never a priest.

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