Thursday, February 25, 2010

Geico For Ya Moneeeeey

This commercial makes me wish I had a vlog (and it should make AdBitters eternally thankful I do not) because I am making Geico's talking pothole my new alter ego. Those of you with the misfortune to have an in-person or over-the-phone relationship with me are in heaps of trouble. Expect, "and junk" to end my every sentence and, "sooooo... okay, bye!" to end my every conversation. Not to mention the, "did Ah do thaaat?" and the "cuz Ahm a pothole?" references. Pothole isn't as cute as the gecko naturally, but I do a better dumb pothole voice than Australian amphibian. In any event, Geico remains an Ad Bits champion! But I don't need to tell them that- I mean if you're showing up in a Kanye song* you know you've arrived, right?

*that's Golddigger for you non-Westerners

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Art of Beer Buying

Love this commercial! Although Bud gives me no useful tips for ordering from a female bartender. My go-to plan for male bartenders is the lean and smile (lean cutely onto bar, push right shoulder forward just a touch, and give winningest smile (except this past weekend when a temporary cap fell out and I had a hole in my mouth- I feel like I really perfected my coy, closed-mouth smile though, so it may have been a blessing in disguise)). In the case of a lady bartender, I find a cute guy to flirt my drink for me.

The marketing guru who headed this ad up must moonlight as a bartender, thus explaining the plug at the end: "tip well and enjoy the beer...". Bartenders around the world thank you for that blurb Bud!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Commercial Olympics

I don't know about you guys, but I lovey love LOVE the Olympics! They make me laugh (Johnny Weir), they make me cry (Dan Jansen), they make me cringe (curling). So below find my gold (g is for giggle!), silver (choked me up!), and bronze (lame-o!) commercial awards:

The gold goes to Aflac! This reminds me of one of my dad's all-time favorite slapstick comedies, "Snowball Express". But this is even better because of the stupid puns and of course, the skiing duck.

Wearing the silver medal is McDonald's. I have a total soft spot for girls' hockey (please God, please let one of my girls play hockey, lest they become pariahs in my family forever!) so naturally this one gets me:

Very reluctantly I give McD's their 2nd medal in the AdBits Olympics. Let me be clear, the actors (and Chan) are totally blameless for this ad dud. Mickey D's marketing team had their heads straight up their hineys here. Has there ever been a more predictable commercial? Nope. But they still make the Ad Bits podium for getting another redhead on my TV screen. Let that be a lesson to all you who strictly hire blondes and brunettes for your advertising needs!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Milestone Poem

Here it is- my hundredth post
Featuring the Super Bowl ads
I loved the most.

First up is a (not really) groundhog
Appropriate since I often feature
Animal ads on this blog.

Next comes the hog's cousin
A musical beaver!
Monster's marketing broad
may have been high and for that
I thank 'er. (?!?!)

I don't love this one as a whole(ly)
but it makes the list because
I like hearing T-Pain say,

And now! For my favorite of the bunch
I could eat their product every day for lunch.
I have a soft spot for dear Betty White
So this Snickers commercial was a special delight!

There were others I liked
But we don't have all day
Maybe in my next hundred posts
They'll come out to play.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Los Swagger Wagon

Hola Ad Bits Amigos! Sorry I've been MIA, but this pasty chica has been in Mexico for the past week with my fam! It was mucho excelente (needless to say I took French in high school). I wish I could have brought each and every uno of you with me. Mostly because I could've used a couple extra hands to help with the kiddies. Ha ha. Seriously though. I have to ask myself, "how can I communicate to my Ad Bitters the goings on of my household? The culture of mi familia?" I think the following two commercials best capture the essence of my domestic life. Not that you asked. Even if you (understandably) want to know nothing more about me than my innate thoughts on commercials, these are still flippin' good ads. Adios for now los Ad Bitters. (please, please, please click the link and watch this hilarious commercial. And the end is the best part so don't skimp).

We also like to sha-sha-sha-shake it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bud Light, Bud Bright, First Bud I Drink Tonight

As it turns out, some of my favorite things have the initials B.L. They are my daddy's initials; my favorite TV show (Biggest Loser); Big Love; Baby Legs (fat ones). Those last two are a stretch I know, but here's why I brought up B.L. to begin with: BUD LIGHT! I can live without the actual beverage, but (as you probably know by now) their commercials are second to none! This one is courtesy of my mom of all people, who got it from her brother. The best part is it takes place in the same office as my other favorite Bud Light ad (see Ad Bits Readers' Choice Award 2009). Must find out if said workplace is hiring.

A Note: Molly was on my lap when I opened this and watched it the first time. Halfway through she began chanting, "Na-ked Daddies, Na-ked Daddies". Yup, I'm Mother of the Year.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Too Sexy For My Blog

I say keep the lizards, cut the Naomi.

But she does redeem herself a bit here:

Why the sudden obsession with supermodel Naomi Campbell? Well, since you asked, I've been discovered. That's right. Your truly will be making her modeling debut this Saturday at the Eastwood Towne Center Mall. Ten models (giggle) were picked (read: begged) of the hundreds (?) in the Capital City area. I'm confident it has nothing to do with my good friend heading up the thing, and being short about ten models. I would also like to take this opportunity to announce my modeling retirement immediately following Saturday's debut. I'll be hanging up my catwalking heels, but certainly not the Naomi-esque diva attitude I've acquired since getting this gig two days ago. Stay posted for information on my new blog: The Life and Times of a Former Runway Model.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kist By The Fish

In high school my bestie and I had what we called the Glad Pad. It was a notebook in which we wrote everything that made us happy, and we asked everyone we knew to record their happiest things in it too. Here are a few examples:
~ Brand new, juicy markers
~ Watching TV through the hole of a Cheez-It
~ Finding a "pull through" parking spot
~ Ace, Captain Hook, and Scrunchie Pop-Tart (code names for our boy crushes; necessary so we could talk about them while they were standing right there)
~ Pickles
~ Warming my top gums with my tongue when it's cold (that was me- your Weird Julie Fact du jour)

But there, on the very first page (at the top of the page, although not quite #1) was an illustration of a little fish with bubbles. The text reads, "fish lips". Ten (plus) years later, I still love fish lips. It's one of the first things I teach my girls. How enduring is that adorable look!? Cheeks sucked in, eyes open wide, lips unnaturally puckered. So cute! In honor of fish lip lovers everywhere I give you this (not yet on YouTube) ad:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cheese Me Baby

Apparently it's, "Learn How Weird Jules Is" week here at Ad Bits. Yesterday readers learned of my unfounded fear of rodents; today I admit to embarrassing crushes on fictional characters. Naturally I adore Edward Cullen, but who doesn't? I'm talking Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. I'm talking Chad Dillon Cooper from Sonny With A Chance (I guess my love affair with the Disney Channel is a completely separate humiliating quirk). And most of all, I'm talking about Chester Cheetah. This guy is one sexy animated mascot, with a kick-fanny product to boot.

And some more cheesalicious Chester:

And here's one more if you aren't yet convinced of C's sex appeal: