Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Los Swagger Wagon

Hola Ad Bits Amigos! Sorry I've been MIA, but this pasty chica has been in Mexico for the past week with my fam! It was mucho excelente (needless to say I took French in high school). I wish I could have brought each and every uno of you with me. Mostly because I could've used a couple extra hands to help with the kiddies. Ha ha. Seriously though. I have to ask myself, "how can I communicate to my Ad Bitters the goings on of my household? The culture of mi familia?" I think the following two commercials best capture the essence of my domestic life. Not that you asked. Even if you (understandably) want to know nothing more about me than my innate thoughts on commercials, these are still flippin' good ads. Adios for now los Ad Bitters.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra4JPZz3_Vo (please, please, please click the link and watch this hilarious commercial. And the end is the best part so don't skimp).

We also like to sha-sha-sha-shake it.

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