Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Milestone Poem

Here it is- my hundredth post
Featuring the Super Bowl ads
I loved the most.

First up is a (not really) groundhog
Appropriate since I often feature
Animal ads on this blog.

Next comes the hog's cousin
A musical beaver!
Monster's marketing broad
may have been high and for that
I thank 'er. (?!?!)

I don't love this one as a whole(ly)
but it makes the list because
I like hearing T-Pain say,

And now! For my favorite of the bunch
I could eat their product every day for lunch.
I have a soft spot for dear Betty White
So this Snickers commercial was a special delight!

There were others I liked
But we don't have all day
Maybe in my next hundred posts
They'll come out to play.

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