Friday, February 5, 2010

Bud Light, Bud Bright, First Bud I Drink Tonight

As it turns out, some of my favorite things have the initials B.L. They are my daddy's initials; my favorite TV show (Biggest Loser); Big Love; Baby Legs (fat ones). Those last two are a stretch I know, but here's why I brought up B.L. to begin with: BUD LIGHT! I can live without the actual beverage, but (as you probably know by now) their commercials are second to none! This one is courtesy of my mom of all people, who got it from her brother. The best part is it takes place in the same office as my other favorite Bud Light ad (see Ad Bits Readers' Choice Award 2009). Must find out if said workplace is hiring.

A Note: Molly was on my lap when I opened this and watched it the first time. Halfway through she began chanting, "Na-ked Daddies, Na-ked Daddies". Yup, I'm Mother of the Year.

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