Thursday, February 18, 2010

Commercial Olympics

I don't know about you guys, but I lovey love LOVE the Olympics! They make me laugh (Johnny Weir), they make me cry (Dan Jansen), they make me cringe (curling). So below find my gold (g is for giggle!), silver (choked me up!), and bronze (lame-o!) commercial awards:

The gold goes to Aflac! This reminds me of one of my dad's all-time favorite slapstick comedies, "Snowball Express". But this is even better because of the stupid puns and of course, the skiing duck.

Wearing the silver medal is McDonald's. I have a total soft spot for girls' hockey (please God, please let one of my girls play hockey, lest they become pariahs in my family forever!) so naturally this one gets me:

Very reluctantly I give McD's their 2nd medal in the AdBits Olympics. Let me be clear, the actors (and Chan) are totally blameless for this ad dud. Mickey D's marketing team had their heads straight up their hineys here. Has there ever been a more predictable commercial? Nope. But they still make the Ad Bits podium for getting another redhead on my TV screen. Let that be a lesson to all you who strictly hire blondes and brunettes for your advertising needs!!!

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