Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WWW Wednesday

Whine: You've probably noticed the stagnant book recommendation on my sidebar (right?  Yes, I'm sure you've noticed).  It's because I haven't really loved a book in (checking my Excel spreadsheet book log) over a month (it was My Name Is Memory).  I'm reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series right now and I like it but I hate to recommend something the whole world minus me has already read.  So if you guys have any superb books on your nightstand please clue me in!

Wish: I wholeheartedly wish Molly would not sneak real food into her kitchen in the basement.  We've been over this repeatedly, but every now and then I go down there and will find a few crackers in her "fridge" or (today) icky, sticky cider in her tea cups and all over her little table and chairs.  Gross.  If ever this results in rodents making their way into my house I will have to send her to live elsewhere.  Or better, I'll send myself to live elsewhere.

Woo-hoo:  I'm leaving tomorrow to go up north to one of my favorite places in the world.  I haven't been since the beginning of September and my spirit is aching for some Northern Michigan.  One of my most favorite and least favorite things about my visits up north is the lack of Internet.  In any event, I'll not be Ad Bitting for a couple days.  But hopefully when I get back I'll be refreshed and energized and rip roarin' ready to commentate on commercials!  A woo-hoo within the woo-hoo is that my mom is watching the girlies Friday so Jim and I can go hiking!  Yes, hiking in ultra-flat Michigan sounds a little silly, but I promise it's lovely and fun and did I mention we'll be without kids?!  Of course, there are bear in Northern Michigan.  Here is a picture of one my dad caught on his trail cam:

So, as long as I am not mauled by a black bear (I guess I could skip my morning honey and tuna bath) I'll be back to work spreading commercial joy on Monday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moms Can Be Cool Too!

Tonight I am hosting my book club at my house.  I adore book club.  It makes me feel like I'm a real person with my very own friends.  With one or two exceptions the women in my club do not have kids in Molly's class or at A's story time, their husbands are not snacky buddies* with Jim, their dogs don't run with mine.  They are my friends exclusively.  It is the one night a month I get drunk  have a glass or two of wine and then we have either intelligent conversation or fun, silly conversation, or both.  Every mom should have their equivalent of book club.

Last night I saw a Toyota commercial in which a kid notes, "Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't be cool".  Luckily, my kids still think I'm cool even when I'm singing off-key into a spatula or walking like an Egyptian to Poker Face.  I know these days are short-lived, but when the day comes that my kids are mortified by my each and every inhalation I'll be semi-prepared with my own interests and friends and non-mommyesque conversations! 
In lieu of the aforementioned commercial (not yet on YouTube) I've got a couple other cute Toyota commercials for you:

* Snacky buddy is a term I use for a good friend.  One day I will post about where this term originated, but it's a story in and of itself.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Candy Scene

Last night we went to a Halloween party at our church so the girls got to wear their costumes.  Here they are:

The party was huge!  (Amazing how $1 pizza will draw a crowd).  There were so many cute costumes: a sumo wrestler, an egg, little giraffes, baby dragons, the obligatory Scream masks, and me with my bunny ears.  No, not Playboy bunny ears, more like Easter bunny ears.  The whole thing was a big success except for:
1. Adi dumping an entire cup of cider over her head.  Anybody know how to clean one sticky butterfly costume?
2. Molly has weird taste in candy.  There were games for the kids to play to earn candy.  M sifted through each and every bowl for Smarties (which she thinks are miniature Tums), suckers, and what used to be candy cigarettes* but are now called "candy sticks" and don't have the red tip or the fake smoke.  I kept pointing out the good stuff: "Oo! Mols!  I.. er... YOU like Snickers!  How 'bout a yummy Butterfinger?  Why don't you pick something chocolatey for the love of PETE!?!"  Apparently she has established a foolproof plan for keeping me out of her candy.  I won't be troubling her for any of her chalky Bottlecaps anytime soon.  And Adrienne?  The only thing she was interested in was her free apple.  Puh-lease!

This commercial is just as scary as M's taste in candy.  And it may be the closest I get to a decent candy bar this Halloween:

* Do you remember these?  They were contraband in my house growing up and rightly so (in my opinion)!  My neighbor friend was allowed to have them and she still smokes a pack (of real cigarettes) a day... I'm just sayin'!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The End Of The World

A funny thing happened yesterday.  My friend asked me to email her my blog's web address.  Of course I was happy to do so, but typed in  instead of  She just copied and pasted what I had typed into her browser and got a totally different site than she anticipated (I think her exact words were, "woah, this is not what I expected").  Luckily, she's a smart girl and knows me well enough to assume the former was not my website, but I was happy she brought it to my attention.  Go check it out if you have your druthers, but let me offer this little teaser: "Doomsday Countdown Clock".

No fire and brimstone here friends, but I was convinced my world was ending this morning when Molly refused to wear a matching outfit with Adrienne!  I wrestled her to the floor and crammed her head into the shirt (also wrestling with my [former] conviction that she should be allowed to make as many small decisions as possible) and threatened we would NOT get pumpkins today if she didn't match her sister! 

I know.  I know.  It was a bit much on my part, but I was totally unprepared for this!  She usually loves dressing like her sister and I live for their little matching dresses, capris, and in this case, stretchy pants and sweatshirts.  I mean, why even HAVE two little girls if you aren't going to dress them alike!?  Certainly not to get double the attitude.  On deck for church tomorrow are frilly brown dresses with pink hearts and tights.  Wish me luck.  Maybe today was just a fluke.  Or maybe there will be no tomorrow...  !!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Hide From My Husband

I never take naps!  Unless I'm pregnant (and I'm not!) I try to sneak one in say... once a month.  But if I want Jim to come home earlier than expected, all I have to do is park M in front of the TV and lay down for a snooze.  Like yesterday for instance.  Then it's all:
Jim: "Hi girls!  I'm home!"
Me: (shooting up out of my luxury slumber) "I never nap!  I don't!"
Jim: "I know."
Me: "This is such a weird, fluke thing!  And M does not actually watch TV all day!"
Jim: "Yeah, I know."
Me: "Honestly, I had a little headache so I laid down for like, 20 minutes!"
Jim: "Jule!  I know!  You never nap!  M isn't in front of the TV all day! I know this!"
Me:  "Now I sound all defensive when really I wasn't doing anything wrong!  Do you want to know what I did today? (Jim is leaving the room now and I'm yelling up the stairs) I caught up on laundry, went to the Y, took the girls to the library, we played ball outside, made a menu for next week, cleaned the office, got my lesson ready for Sunday school... I've been PRODUCTIVE!"

There are other things I hide from Jim besides my monthly nap.  For instance, I've been known to slam my computer shut when I hear him coming so he doesn't know the depth of my Facebook addiction.  And I'm always hiding food related things from him.  Many times I want a food item (like chocolate covered pretzels) all to myself so I'll hide them in the filing cabinet in my office (under D for Delicious!).  Or, if a package of Oreos was full when he left, I'll be sure the empty package is replaced by the time he gets home. (Jim: "Noone opened the Oreos?"  Me: "Oh gosh, I forgot we even had them!")

I don't hide most purchases from him.  Quite the opposite actually, I love showing off my amazing finds ("Look how thrifty I am!  Matching bandanas for the girls AND dog for $3!").  With the exception of Girl Scout cookies.  If I never tell him about the cookie purchase he'll never wonder why he never ever sees a box cross our home's threshhold and I never ever have to explain how I could possibly finish off an entire box of Jubilees while driving home.

Do you hide anything from your husbands?  I promise not to tell them!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wuh Wuh Wuh Wednesday

Let's get down to business!
Whine:  This is my very best whiney voice: I want a new phone!  Mine rings for all of half a second before going to voicemail, will randomly not ring at all, and has two letters to a button, really putting a damper on my text life. But I don't want to renew my contract.  Have you guys ever bought a phone online so you wouldn't have to renew?  How does that work out?  I feel like there's a catch that I just don't see right now... 
Wish:  I know you other mommies will give me a loud "Amen!" here.  I wish teething weren't so awful!  Poor little A is a droolie mess and her mouth area is all chapped and raw (which, let's face it- does not a cute baby make), her little behind is inexplicably blistery thanks to these mountainous teeth, and now her crib is taking a beating (or should I say biting).  Case in point:

Those are teeth marks!
Woo-hoo:  I'm finally finishing this post!  I've had it on my screen for almost 9 hours now, but I keep getting interrupted!  But the girls are in bed now and I'm finally going to wrap this baby up!  But my official woo-hoo is that J is coming home tomorrow!! (instead of Friday as originally planned)  Hooray!  And I'm going swimming tomorrow morning so I'm pumped about that- I haven't been in a couple months.  I guess that's a woo-hoo for tomorrow, but I trust you guys to cut me some woo-hooing slack.

Here's a woo-hooey type commercial.  Love this baby, love this commercial.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goal Mine!

My tablecloth is finished!  For a girl who can't sew and usually sticks to making people crazy rather than making actual, useful things this is a big deal!  Here is the finished product:

Here's a close-up of the pattern.  Halloweeny, right?
 Making my tablecloth got me thinking about my list of goals (138 of them, 49 of which have been accomplished).  It's been a while since I checked any of them off, so I pulled out the list to see what I might tackle next (unfortunately tablecloth making does not make an appearance on my list).  Some things may never get checked off, like "Do monthly breast exams".  I mean, when would I stop doing that?  After my double mastectomy I guess.  But there are other things that are easy enough to check off, it's just a matter of getting off my hiney and making them happen.  Like getting CPR certified, taking a self-defense class, or hiking (part of) the Appalachian Trail.

I lovey love love lists of goals.  How much?  Ok, here it is.  I love lists of goals MORE than I love commercials.  Even more than I love commercials with talking animals.  I know!  Deep huh?  So I'm dying to know, what are your goals?  What ones are you actively pursuing?  Which ones have you completed that you're proudest of?

A lot of goals are all about getting more "know how" so I thought this would be an appropriate commercial for today.  Plus, I love the head bobs the NAPA employees have going on.  If ever I step foot into an automotive store* (I won't... unless it ends up on the Goal List for some reason) I'll be sure it's NAPA.

*That's what NAPA is, right?  Some kind of auto parts store?  I don't even know.  I can't imagine ever needing to go in there for anything.


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Polygamy Schmigamy

I promise you will not have to read my Sister Wives rants every Monday.  Because last night was the season finale.  Allow me to just highlight a few of the most puke-worthy moments:
  • At a cake testing the wives and Poly-Kody decided to close their eyes to take a vote.  He stood up and manically danced, confirming my theory that jerks also have jerky dance moves.  Really though, I'm moved to nausea anytime he so much as inhales.
  • While the wives and K were checking out a reception sight Wife #1 made a joke about a stripper pole, noting there were four poles. Convenient!  Each wife grabbed a pole while K flexed in the middle.  Similarly, my stomach muscles flexed as everything about him makes me heave.
  • As he dressed for his (fourth) wedding, a wife assisted with his tie.  He looked at her with what I think were supposed to be his best bedroom eyes and commented on how nice she looked, moving in for a kiss and clearly wishing he didn't have to rush off to that pesky wedding.
During commercials I was flipping a channel down to "I'm Pregnant and A Nudist" and contemplating never leaving the house again for all the insanity of our world.  Of course, I completely feed into it by watching these shows, I know, and it's going to stay that way because what is my alternative?  To not watch!?  Now that's insanity!

I looked for a polygamy commercial on YouTube but to no avail.  I did however find a couple commercials featuring nudists.  The one below was my favorite, but if you have your druthers you can go find the rather dirty Red Bull nudist commercial.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Spotlighted!

The lovely Marie at The Things We Find Inside is kind enough to spotlight me on her blog this week!  I'm so thrilled!  She has a great blog and has grown faster than any other blog I've ever seen!  I started following her when she was just over a hundred followers and now she's got over 800! 

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.  Mine has been wonderful.  And Sister Wives is on tonight so it's about to get wonderfully horrifying!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Saturday and I'm Drained. KA-CHING!

I've hit my creative threshold.  This blessed no sew tablecloth (yes, the same one I've been working on all week) has sucked all the crafty juice out of me and I can't possibly write an entertaining or thoughtful blog today.  So here are some commercials featuring now famous (or semi-famous) actors.  The Seth Green one is my favorite- I fully intend to spend the rest of the day annoying Jim by yelling "Ka-Ching" at every opportunity:  And by "every opportunity" I mean the end of all my sentences. 
"I was thinking about ordering pizza tonight.  KA-CHING!"
"Adrienne exploded through her diaper and onto the couch.  KA-CHING!"
"I just discovered a bunch of mail and bills in my car.  Not sure how long they've been there.  KA-CHING!"

See how multi-purpose that is?  Here are the ads:

Here's a blast from the past:

Bruce Willis, pre-fame and pre-dignity:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Solitary Panic

Do you panic when you get free time?  Jim took Molly with him to run errands the other day and Adi was napping so... I had time alone!!!  Alone!  And I panicked.  "Ok, ok" I thought, "I have an hour, maybe two.  I could read my book!  Or take a nap, or fold laundry, or knit, or catch up on my blogs, or, or, or..." and that's when my brain exploded. 

I already had a bucket out to scrub the floors so I grabbed it frantically, knowing if I didn't start a project soon I'd still be wandering around running into walls and muttering to myself when J and M got home.  I'm confident this happens to all Moms, right?  What do you do when you have some time to yourself?  I'm going to put together a go-to list so if this ever happens again I can grab my list and do something that does not include wringing my hands and babbling to myself, wasting precious solitary moments!

And speaking of being indecisive, I've always been torn between Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (in my head there is a necessity to prefer one or the other).  Based on their commercials I've always preferred GG, but CTC has recently started to make a stronger showing with their series of vlog commercials featuring this chick:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WWW Wednesday

It's that time again!  What are your Dubs this week Friends?

Whine: It rained all afternoon and my dog is spastic!!!  She makes herself (and me) cuh-cuh-cuh-RAZY!  She just runs from door to door to window to window barking her little head off.  I adore this little pooch every other weathery moment, but storms are difficult.  The silver lining to this (rain) cloud is that today's storm was during the day so she wasn't keeping us up all night. 

Wish: I wish I could sew.  Life would be sew much easier.  I'm trying to make a tablecloth but it seams this would be an easier project if I was handy with a sewing machine.  As it stands I'm trying to use iron on adhesive and I truly have no clue what I'm doing.  I need(le) help!

Woo-hoo:  So many Woo-hoos!  My dear dear friend is having a baby tomorrow and I'm giddy with excitement!  I'm hoping her baby will hold me over until (IF!!!) we decide to have another.  Also, another friend clued me in to her pregnancy today.  Babypalooza!  Aditionally, Molly had a playdate today- her first that I did not also attend so I had a few hours to clean, shop with aforementioned friend for a baby book, and play with little A for a while.  Plus, the miners in Chile are being rescued as I type!  Can you imagine being one of them?  Or related to one of them?  Talk about a giant "WOO-HOO!"

Here is a super appropriate WWW Wednesday commercial.  Why are genies always blue?  So weird.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learnin' German

When I was in high school my family hosted a German exchange student, who was not just gut, but gu-reat!  We've kept in touch ever since: we supply her with Oreos, she supplies us with fabulous European things (not the least of which are Kinder Eggs).

It was a great experience (we had another student the year before that was less than great).  I learned important words* in German like "hickey" (pronounced kuh-newts-flick) and also that weiner schnitzel is not the household staple I had believed it to be in Germany. 

Every few years my German friend comes to visit- last year she was here for Thanksgiving and I witnessed the momentous event that is one's first piece of pumpkin pie.  As I expected, the heavens opened above her head and a choir of angels came down singing Hallelujahs.  Her visit before that, my friend and I took her out for a drunken exciting night on the town.  I insisted we all have German names for the evening and so we transformed into the lovely Bianca, Simone, and Sofie.  I learned that Germans hold their liquor much, much better than... well, me.

I got to talk to my sister from across the sea today, which is always a treat- she's coming in January for my brother's wedding and I'm... sehr** pumped!  Have you guys ever had an exchange student?  Do you keep in touch?  What did you teach them?  More importantly, what did you learn?  Let me get to the point... does anybody know how to say "hickey" in any other language? :)
Auf Wiedersehen Friends!

*She learned important English words too.  Like, all of them.  She speaks complete and perfect English now.
**That means "very".  Thank you Google Translate!

Monday, October 11, 2010

This Is Not A Review Blog...

...but if it were I would review the fuzz out of these things!  Bilibos!  Are you familiar with the entertainment sensation that is the Bilibo?  My mother-in-law strolled in the other day carrying one for each of the girls (along with fabulous birthday gifts for me!  As if free babysitting pretty much whenever I want weren't enough!) 

If there were an Awesome Toy zine, Bilibos would be the centerfold.  They have a unique, cute look and are functional in that they are FUN.  The idea is they're supposed to encourage imaginative play because there's no one, specific way to use them.  The little tag on it said it could be used in the water as a floating device or as a sled in the winter.  We haven't got that far yet, but here is what I'm talking about:
The girls, lounging.

Molly, pretending to be a turtle.
 So what else have we done with these things?
    • Put them on our heads to be ghosts (I thought we looked like stingrays, but M insisted on the less imaginative ghost).
    • We'll be passing out Halloween candy from the big orange Bilibo.
    • Had a spinning contest to see who could get theirs to spin longest (I smoked M!)
    • My girlfriend who is 9 months pregnant made a baby bump helmet type thing with one.
    • I gave A rides around the living room until she went from gleeful giggles to a desperate, "I'm going to puke" look. (I was incorporating a lot of spinning)
    • Was prepared to use as a barf bucket.
I don't think they sell Bilibos, but it look like something Ikea would carry, so here's a funny commercial for you from I (kea).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Universal University Fun

If you don't live in Michigan, you probably don't know what a COLOSSAL day it is.  The University of Michigan is playing Michigan State and the trash talk is flying fast and furious around our state.  Luckily, I live T minus 5 minutes away from the school I'm cheering for so I'm surrounded by my own kind.  Ooo... see what I did there?  I didn't reveal my team!  I'm scared I may lose loyal readers of the blue and gold /Ann Arbor variety. 

Oops.  I never was good at keeping my mouth shut.

Did you guys go to college?  Did you love it?  I went to a school much much smaller than either of the two playing today, but I adored college.  Here are a few things I miss:
1.  Class.  Poke fun at the big nerd if you must, but I loved class.  I never skipped and I stayed awake the whole time!  I complained every now when I had to take, say, Computer Science (and suddenly my lack of blog features makes more sense!) but overall, I loved it!
2.  Being surrounded by peers.  I took this for granted.  All day, every day I was surrounded by people around the same age, with at least one commonality, so it was easy to strike up conversation.  Unlike now, when I spot someone in the store who looks like they could be a good friend.  What to say?  Bump into her cart?  Creepily comment on the contents of her shopping basket?  Next thing I know, she's gone and the two of us will never be friends.
3.  Going out.  I loved getting ready to go out more than anything.  Scoping out your roommates' closets, blaring music, getting cutsied up, maybe playing a drinking game or two ("Ok, every time so and so changes her shoes we drink!" or "For every twist of the curling iron we have to take a drink!")  And then going out and dancing with no one to judge you or think you're too old to be out and about.  No worrying about getting home to the sitter.  Knowing you can sleep in as late as you want the next day without a baby crying for you at 6:30am.

Here's an alcoholy commercial for all the tailgaters today, and because I've also embarrassed myself making the very mistake this guy makes.  Except I wasn't talking to a hot girl.  Or guy.  Or agreeing to go home with him or her.  You get the point.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Knit One, Hurl Two

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you guys but I could use an end of the week drinky drink!  And some talking woodchucks.  Please enjoy your beverage of choice as I provide the latter:

I saw this commercial for the first time last night as I was knitting.  Knitting is a seasonal sport for me- I only knit in the Fall and Winter so I am pumped to be working on my first project of the season.  Or, I was pumped.  I purchased a kit with everything I need to make a darling little Hello Kitty scarf.  The box claims it is for 8 year olds and up.  The box can take a long walk off the end of a steep, deadly cliff. 

Admittedly, I'm a touch rusty, but the pattern is reeee-donk-u-lous (the more furious I am, the more stupid the words I use, FYI).  I worked on it for what seemed like 3 hours (was 20 minutes) and then chucked it across the room.  GoodBYE Kitty!  Now I'm working on some cute, simple, baby leg warmers and my blood pressure is much happier.  Will revisit scarf on a day I did not lock my keys in the car* and care for 2 sick, crabby kids while hacking up disgusting stuff myself.

Here's another commercial just for the Friday fun of it.  I love this guy's style (what a sMARTY pants!) He's brave, but I bet his flag isn't the only thing flying high!  Do you think she'll stick around or rum away?  I give him a capTEN for creativity.

*50 bucks they charge to get you back into your car!  Think of all the 8 year old appropriate projects I could purchase and slam into my living room wall for 50 bucks!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WWW Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! Get ready to Whine, Wish, and Woo-hoo!
Whine: I lose more hair than you can shake a curling iron at. It's like we have another roommate around here.  The other day (it wasn't a Wednesday, but sometimes I whine on other days of the week too, believe it or not) I mentioned how much my dog was shedding.  Jim was immediately able to point out several long red hairs on the couch and carpet (note: I had just vacuumed that morning!)  This may be the universe's way of telling me I need a haircut, but I don't want short hair at the moment.  Of course, that may change after I clean the shower this afternoon.

Wish:  I wish I could be a better person than to feature this semi-dirty commercial on my blog.  But I'm not.  So make sure the kiddos aren't watching over your shoulder.

Woo-hoo:  Ever since my 31st birthday last week, I've been a rockstar about taking my vitamins.  What's up now germs?!  Oxidants, in your face!  Extra vitamin D for my withering bones (they just get weaker from this point out!!  But that's a whine for another Wednesday), super C for fighting little germies that find their way here from preschool, and whatever else is in those little pellets.  There's a good chance they're expired because I'm pretty sure this is the same bottle I was taking before I got preggo for A and switched to prenatals.  But I'm back on track now so bring on the flu season!*

*A thought- can expired vitamins accelerate one's hair loss?  May be worth checking into....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Drug Of Choice

I won't complain about another long night.  I promise not to whine about Molly's croup that had us up all night or Adrienne's bouts of intermittent crying that started just as Mols drifted off around 4.  Because that would be annoying.  Instead, let me just note again how much I love the caffeine crutch that is Diet Coke.  I think my adoration can best be expressed in an ode.

An Ode to Diet Coke
I don't gamble, or care to smoke,
My vice of choice is Diet Coke!

The silvery can fits perfectly in my hand.
The bubbles go down with a fizzy sound.
Popping the top is music to my ears
It's totally worth the dentist's sneers.

Suddenly I have energy!
I'm fun and silly and when M asks me
to be a pony, or conductor, or dinosaur
I jump at the chance!  Meet me on the floor
for gator wrestling or a tickle fest
Diet Cokes makes me my very best!

Whether you call it soda, coke, or pop
I love it with a hot pretzel when I shop.
It carried me through college and then at worky,
I got a reputation for being caffeinated and perky.

How does one get through the day
Without a Diet Coke during work and play?
Especially when sick kids are up all night
I live for a Diet Coke as soon as it's daylight.

The End.

Naturally, I had to find a Coke commercial for today and I came across this one I vaguely remember seeing on air a while back. I'm guessing viewer response wasn't great because it was short lived and it's flippin' weird.  But we embrace weird commercials around here so here it goes.  But first- are those tongues made out of silly putty?  I think so.  Aren't they gross? 

Follow Me Back Tuesday

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Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Not On TV

But I know somebody who is!  My friend's husband/Jim's college suite mate landed himself a serendipitous role in a Subway commercial that airs during Monday Night Football (and probably other times too!)  Subway came to the high school where he coaches football to shoot a local ad, but they loved it so much it's national now!  And I feel a little famous by association.  Unfortunately it's not on YouTube so you just have to take my word for it.

But that reminded me!  A friend from high school is engaged to the unfortunate guy about to be attacked by an angry Mama badger in this commercial:

Good huh?!  I would blog about this commercial even if I didn't know his fiancee!  And how cute are those little badgers?  Does it kinda sorta make you want a baby badger?  It could live with my mini giraffe*!  I can't think of a single thing that could go wrong.
I hope you aren't intimidated by me now that you know who I roll with.  Do you guys know anybody famous?  Or, you know, someone who's briefly been on TV?  You must let me know.  I love associated fame. 

*See 9/24 post:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sicky Sunday

My poor Adrienne is down and out with a rotten cold.  I feel so so bad for her.  But also for me.  Because she's been up since 4:30am (consequently, I've been up since 4:30am) and she is Grade A cranky!  It's frustrating of course, but she's so pitiful with her runny nose and teary eyes I just can't help but scoop her up and risk getting ickiness smeared all over my shirt, in my hair, and on my face.  Is motherhood glamorous or what?  On the flip side, the moments she's not crying she just wants to be cuddled, which is my favorite thing in the world so I'm thankful for that.

Some other things I'm thankful for on this Sunday evening?
  • Sister Wives is on tonight.  Score!  Nothing like  judging someone else's lifestyle choices on Sabbath Day.
  • My Sunday School kids.  They are hilarious.  I come home from church every Sunday armed with enough hysterical stories to get me through the week.  I'd share some of the stories but I feel like there's some unspoken Sunday School teacher confidentiality agreement. 
  • Breast Cancer Awareness!  Unless you live under a boulder* you know it's BCA month!  I am thankful for this awareness, for everything that goes into it, and for the NFL players and refs who sport pink accessories on national television- that must be weird for at least some of the guys.
  • This commercial.  Fuh-nee.  But also makes me nervous about the upcoming winter with its icy roads.  I've been upside down in a ditch before and I don't care to do it again.  I better make sure JJ's is programmed into my phone before the first snowfall.

*That was an attempt at a boob joke.  Too far to stretch?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


That's my very best hopping noise!  I've found some of my very favorite blogs through this hop!  I'm spotlighting My Eleven Reasons this week so be sure to stop in and visit that fantastic blog too if you're so inclined!

It's Spotlight Saturday Hosted By
Also!  Look at how fancy pantsy I'm getting with 2 new tabs up top!  And a little button on my sidebar!  It's not grabbable quite yet- I need to do some more research on that... Slowly but surely though I'm limping my way into a more dimensional blog.  There will be more to come soon (I hope.  I mean, don't hold me to it, okay?  Okay!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Hairy Love

Every now and then a commercial shows itself to me that I can truly relate to.  Deeply.  Emphatically.  Hysterically.  This one for instance:

Let's hear it for big hair!!  Have a fun, safe weekend dear Ad Bits readers!  Thank you for putting up with me when I'm frizzy and frazzled; when I'm speaking straight or in curly, wavy words.You guys make my life thicker and bigger and for that I thank you from the bottom of my scalp.  And heart.