Monday, October 18, 2010

Polygamy Schmigamy

I promise you will not have to read my Sister Wives rants every Monday.  Because last night was the season finale.  Allow me to just highlight a few of the most puke-worthy moments:
  • At a cake testing the wives and Poly-Kody decided to close their eyes to take a vote.  He stood up and manically danced, confirming my theory that jerks also have jerky dance moves.  Really though, I'm moved to nausea anytime he so much as inhales.
  • While the wives and K were checking out a reception sight Wife #1 made a joke about a stripper pole, noting there were four poles. Convenient!  Each wife grabbed a pole while K flexed in the middle.  Similarly, my stomach muscles flexed as everything about him makes me heave.
  • As he dressed for his (fourth) wedding, a wife assisted with his tie.  He looked at her with what I think were supposed to be his best bedroom eyes and commented on how nice she looked, moving in for a kiss and clearly wishing he didn't have to rush off to that pesky wedding.
During commercials I was flipping a channel down to "I'm Pregnant and A Nudist" and contemplating never leaving the house again for all the insanity of our world.  Of course, I completely feed into it by watching these shows, I know, and it's going to stay that way because what is my alternative?  To not watch!?  Now that's insanity!

I looked for a polygamy commercial on YouTube but to no avail.  I did however find a couple commercials featuring nudists.  The one below was my favorite, but if you have your druthers you can go find the rather dirty Red Bull nudist commercial.


Ember said...

UGH don't even get me started on this show.... He is a D-bag for sure....

Leanne said...

I could NOT bring myself to watching even a minute of that show ... thank you for confirming that I didn't miss much! Ugh!!! I'm right there with Ember's comment above!!! UGH!!!!

Rose said...

I didn't end up watching the show, But I'm glad to hear that is was garbage :) Don't worry though we are all guilty of watching shows we probably shouldn't be supporting! I'm now following you from MBC under 200 group. Would love if you could follow back Tips for Saving:

Thanks and Keep in touch!


Vivobello said...

I haven't had the pleasure of watching, but I've heard many of stories. Crazy.

Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to hear about your acts of kindness!

Nicki Woo said...

You my friend, are the funniest blogger EVER. Peeing in my pants as always. Yupper, he is totally a big fat jerk-head dork of a stupid moronic idiot sleeze bag. I agree. And I haven't even watched the show yet. But, I've been trying. I just keep missing it. I gotta get my weekly hurl on.