Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WWW Wednesday

Whine: You've probably noticed the stagnant book recommendation on my sidebar (right?  Yes, I'm sure you've noticed).  It's because I haven't really loved a book in (checking my Excel spreadsheet book log) over a month (it was My Name Is Memory).  I'm reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series right now and I like it but I hate to recommend something the whole world minus me has already read.  So if you guys have any superb books on your nightstand please clue me in!

Wish: I wholeheartedly wish Molly would not sneak real food into her kitchen in the basement.  We've been over this repeatedly, but every now and then I go down there and will find a few crackers in her "fridge" or (today) icky, sticky cider in her tea cups and all over her little table and chairs.  Gross.  If ever this results in rodents making their way into my house I will have to send her to live elsewhere.  Or better, I'll send myself to live elsewhere.

Woo-hoo:  I'm leaving tomorrow to go up north to one of my favorite places in the world.  I haven't been since the beginning of September and my spirit is aching for some Northern Michigan.  One of my most favorite and least favorite things about my visits up north is the lack of Internet.  In any event, I'll not be Ad Bitting for a couple days.  But hopefully when I get back I'll be refreshed and energized and rip roarin' ready to commentate on commercials!  A woo-hoo within the woo-hoo is that my mom is watching the girlies Friday so Jim and I can go hiking!  Yes, hiking in ultra-flat Michigan sounds a little silly, but I promise it's lovely and fun and did I mention we'll be without kids?!  Of course, there are bear in Northern Michigan.  Here is a picture of one my dad caught on his trail cam:

So, as long as I am not mauled by a black bear (I guess I could skip my morning honey and tuna bath) I'll be back to work spreading commercial joy on Monday.


Nicki Woo said...

Woo Hoo, trail time without the kiddos, sounds like fun. The bears not so much. But I hear they hate bloggers, so you're safe.

I've hit an all time low to choosing my books off the library shelf because of the pictures on the cover. If they are not animated, I'm not interested. Pathetic.

Right now I'm reading Sue Margolis' Forget me Knot, total romantic comedy British fluff, but it's what I need right now, I don't have to think. I can even skip a page and still be right in there. Scary, yet nice.

I have The Help on order. I see you've read it. And, I am about to start the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo Series, so your not the last person. Only the second to last person not to have read the series.

Vivobello said...

How was it? Hiking with just the hubby sounds wonderful. We hiked last week but had to take our youngest. She was not thrilled. Love your blog.