Friday, October 15, 2010

Solitary Panic

Do you panic when you get free time?  Jim took Molly with him to run errands the other day and Adi was napping so... I had time alone!!!  Alone!  And I panicked.  "Ok, ok" I thought, "I have an hour, maybe two.  I could read my book!  Or take a nap, or fold laundry, or knit, or catch up on my blogs, or, or, or..." and that's when my brain exploded. 

I already had a bucket out to scrub the floors so I grabbed it frantically, knowing if I didn't start a project soon I'd still be wandering around running into walls and muttering to myself when J and M got home.  I'm confident this happens to all Moms, right?  What do you do when you have some time to yourself?  I'm going to put together a go-to list so if this ever happens again I can grab my list and do something that does not include wringing my hands and babbling to myself, wasting precious solitary moments!

And speaking of being indecisive, I've always been torn between Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (in my head there is a necessity to prefer one or the other).  Based on their commercials I've always preferred GG, but CTC has recently started to make a stronger showing with their series of vlog commercials featuring this chick:

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Sandra - the German said...

LOL you are so funny - you do not know what to do if you have time for yourself and now you wanna write a list. I guess we have to talk about your serious problem ;o)))
Well to be honest if I have time for myself (which is actually quite often) I either sleep, read or just lay around...or think about the opportunity to do some sport...and then fail *lol*
Regarding the CTC - I do not like cinnamon but the ad is quite funny.