Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WWW Wednesday

It's that time again!  What are your Dubs this week Friends?

Whine: It rained all afternoon and my dog is spastic!!!  She makes herself (and me) cuh-cuh-cuh-RAZY!  She just runs from door to door to window to window barking her little head off.  I adore this little pooch every other weathery moment, but storms are difficult.  The silver lining to this (rain) cloud is that today's storm was during the day so she wasn't keeping us up all night. 

Wish: I wish I could sew.  Life would be sew much easier.  I'm trying to make a tablecloth but it seams this would be an easier project if I was handy with a sewing machine.  As it stands I'm trying to use iron on adhesive and I truly have no clue what I'm doing.  I need(le) help!

Woo-hoo:  So many Woo-hoos!  My dear dear friend is having a baby tomorrow and I'm giddy with excitement!  I'm hoping her baby will hold me over until (IF!!!) we decide to have another.  Also, another friend clued me in to her pregnancy today.  Babypalooza!  Aditionally, Molly had a playdate today- her first that I did not also attend so I had a few hours to clean, shop with aforementioned friend for a baby book, and play with little A for a while.  Plus, the miners in Chile are being rescued as I type!  Can you imagine being one of them?  Or related to one of them?  Talk about a giant "WOO-HOO!"

Here is a super appropriate WWW Wednesday commercial.  Why are genies always blue?  So weird.


Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

Great ideas for the WWW!

I wish I could sew too! I see so many neat crafts that others have done. hmm...slightly jealous!

Did your friend have her baby?!?

Jules said...

Yes, maybe in 2011 I'll learn to sew (or not...)

My friend DID have her baby! You're so sweet to ask! It was a little boy and he's healthy and darling! :)