Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wuh Wuh Wuh Wednesday

Let's get down to business!
Whine:  This is my very best whiney voice: I want a new phone!  Mine rings for all of half a second before going to voicemail, will randomly not ring at all, and has two letters to a button, really putting a damper on my text life. But I don't want to renew my contract.  Have you guys ever bought a phone online so you wouldn't have to renew?  How does that work out?  I feel like there's a catch that I just don't see right now... 
Wish:  I know you other mommies will give me a loud "Amen!" here.  I wish teething weren't so awful!  Poor little A is a droolie mess and her mouth area is all chapped and raw (which, let's face it- does not a cute baby make), her little behind is inexplicably blistery thanks to these mountainous teeth, and now her crib is taking a beating (or should I say biting).  Case in point:

Those are teeth marks!
Woo-hoo:  I'm finally finishing this post!  I've had it on my screen for almost 9 hours now, but I keep getting interrupted!  But the girls are in bed now and I'm finally going to wrap this baby up!  But my official woo-hoo is that J is coming home tomorrow!! (instead of Friday as originally planned)  Hooray!  And I'm going swimming tomorrow morning so I'm pumped about that- I haven't been in a couple months.  I guess that's a woo-hoo for tomorrow, but I trust you guys to cut me some woo-hooing slack.

Here's a woo-hooey type commercial.  Love this baby, love this commercial.


Anonymous said...

I just sold a crib that looked just like that! - Carla

Anonymous said...

I bought my blackberry on ebay. There was no charge to transfer my number and contacts from my old phone. I did upgrade to a data package, so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it? - Jen

Nicki Woo said...

I love WWW Wednesday! They always make me smile.

I need another phone worse than you. My texting ability is pretty much nill. It's so bad, we don't even add that option on our phone because it takes so darn long to send a text, we just opt to use homing pidgeons.

Anyway, little Phoebe is teething too. She's taken to chomping on her sisters rather than her crib. I'm not sure which scenario is better, yours or mine. Ufff.

Jules said...

Yes, I knew you guys would empathize with the teething situation- Carla, you still have a whole mouthful of teeth to welcome to the world (well, not you persay, but you know what I mean). Nicki, better her sisters than you, right?!

Thanks for the phone sympathy too. I did find one on eBay I'm considering. But there's a crummy 15% restock fee if I have to return it so... that sucks. But ya know what sucks worse? My current phone. So I'll probably get it.

Sarah Maizes said...

My kids thought this was HYSTERICAL! Glad you enjoyed my "Ode To Bedtime." It was a replacement for a piece called "ODE to OCD." :) Sarah @