Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WWW Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! Get ready to Whine, Wish, and Woo-hoo!
Whine: I lose more hair than you can shake a curling iron at. It's like we have another roommate around here.  The other day (it wasn't a Wednesday, but sometimes I whine on other days of the week too, believe it or not) I mentioned how much my dog was shedding.  Jim was immediately able to point out several long red hairs on the couch and carpet (note: I had just vacuumed that morning!)  This may be the universe's way of telling me I need a haircut, but I don't want short hair at the moment.  Of course, that may change after I clean the shower this afternoon.

Wish:  I wish I could be a better person than to feature this semi-dirty commercial on my blog.  But I'm not.  So make sure the kiddos aren't watching over your shoulder.

Woo-hoo:  Ever since my 31st birthday last week, I've been a rockstar about taking my vitamins.  What's up now germs?!  Oxidants, in your face!  Extra vitamin D for my withering bones (they just get weaker from this point out!!  But that's a whine for another Wednesday), super C for fighting little germies that find their way here from preschool, and whatever else is in those little pellets.  There's a good chance they're expired because I'm pretty sure this is the same bottle I was taking before I got preggo for A and switched to prenatals.  But I'm back on track now so bring on the flu season!*

*A thought- can expired vitamins accelerate one's hair loss?  May be worth checking into....


Unpolished Parenting said...

haha great commercial! And I too shed like crazy. It's getting kind of annoying but I'm not really sure what to do about it.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'd never seen this one before. Makes me want to take vitamins for sure! : ) - Carla

Nicki Woo said...

loving that commericial!!!! hahaha! that's what i look like when i play cards with my neighbors. the second half! maybe i need some of your expired vitamins.