Saturday, October 9, 2010

Universal University Fun

If you don't live in Michigan, you probably don't know what a COLOSSAL day it is.  The University of Michigan is playing Michigan State and the trash talk is flying fast and furious around our state.  Luckily, I live T minus 5 minutes away from the school I'm cheering for so I'm surrounded by my own kind.  Ooo... see what I did there?  I didn't reveal my team!  I'm scared I may lose loyal readers of the blue and gold /Ann Arbor variety. 

Oops.  I never was good at keeping my mouth shut.

Did you guys go to college?  Did you love it?  I went to a school much much smaller than either of the two playing today, but I adored college.  Here are a few things I miss:
1.  Class.  Poke fun at the big nerd if you must, but I loved class.  I never skipped and I stayed awake the whole time!  I complained every now when I had to take, say, Computer Science (and suddenly my lack of blog features makes more sense!) but overall, I loved it!
2.  Being surrounded by peers.  I took this for granted.  All day, every day I was surrounded by people around the same age, with at least one commonality, so it was easy to strike up conversation.  Unlike now, when I spot someone in the store who looks like they could be a good friend.  What to say?  Bump into her cart?  Creepily comment on the contents of her shopping basket?  Next thing I know, she's gone and the two of us will never be friends.
3.  Going out.  I loved getting ready to go out more than anything.  Scoping out your roommates' closets, blaring music, getting cutsied up, maybe playing a drinking game or two ("Ok, every time so and so changes her shoes we drink!" or "For every twist of the curling iron we have to take a drink!")  And then going out and dancing with no one to judge you or think you're too old to be out and about.  No worrying about getting home to the sitter.  Knowing you can sleep in as late as you want the next day without a baby crying for you at 6:30am.

Here's an alcoholy commercial for all the tailgaters today, and because I've also embarrassed myself making the very mistake this guy makes.  Except I wasn't talking to a hot girl.  Or guy.  Or agreeing to go home with him or her.  You get the point.


Mayra Calvani said...

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I just became a follower. I hope you will follow back!
Mayra, mommy blogger club

Nicki Woo said...

I LOVED COLLEGE! There wasn't one thing that I didn't like. Loved class. Loved roommates. Loved going out on Thursdays. Loved the environment, the pressure, the ease, the food, the drink, EVERYTHING!!!!!

This time of year makes me really miss it even more. But thank goodness for beer, football, and buffalo wings, is all I gotta say!