Monday, October 11, 2010

This Is Not A Review Blog...

...but if it were I would review the fuzz out of these things!  Bilibos!  Are you familiar with the entertainment sensation that is the Bilibo?  My mother-in-law strolled in the other day carrying one for each of the girls (along with fabulous birthday gifts for me!  As if free babysitting pretty much whenever I want weren't enough!) 

If there were an Awesome Toy zine, Bilibos would be the centerfold.  They have a unique, cute look and are functional in that they are FUN.  The idea is they're supposed to encourage imaginative play because there's no one, specific way to use them.  The little tag on it said it could be used in the water as a floating device or as a sled in the winter.  We haven't got that far yet, but here is what I'm talking about:
The girls, lounging.

Molly, pretending to be a turtle.
 So what else have we done with these things?
    • Put them on our heads to be ghosts (I thought we looked like stingrays, but M insisted on the less imaginative ghost).
    • We'll be passing out Halloween candy from the big orange Bilibo.
    • Had a spinning contest to see who could get theirs to spin longest (I smoked M!)
    • My girlfriend who is 9 months pregnant made a baby bump helmet type thing with one.
    • I gave A rides around the living room until she went from gleeful giggles to a desperate, "I'm going to puke" look. (I was incorporating a lot of spinning)
    • Was prepared to use as a barf bucket.
I don't think they sell Bilibos, but it look like something Ikea would carry, so here's a funny commercial for you from I (kea).


Bethany said...

Julie this is too funny. You crack me up and Molly, with that pink bubble on her butt, nothing better. As each day grows closer to January I get more and more excited to be in Michigan and close to you guys and the family... ugh, I want to be cool like Molly and wear a pink bubble on my butt now too.

Jules said...

Yes! Jan. can't get here fast enough! Then you can come over and have a pink bubble on your butt any time you please! :) Thanks for reading B!