Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learnin' German

When I was in high school my family hosted a German exchange student, who was not just gut, but gu-reat!  We've kept in touch ever since: we supply her with Oreos, she supplies us with fabulous European things (not the least of which are Kinder Eggs).

It was a great experience (we had another student the year before that was less than great).  I learned important words* in German like "hickey" (pronounced kuh-newts-flick) and also that weiner schnitzel is not the household staple I had believed it to be in Germany. 

Every few years my German friend comes to visit- last year she was here for Thanksgiving and I witnessed the momentous event that is one's first piece of pumpkin pie.  As I expected, the heavens opened above her head and a choir of angels came down singing Hallelujahs.  Her visit before that, my friend and I took her out for a drunken exciting night on the town.  I insisted we all have German names for the evening and so we transformed into the lovely Bianca, Simone, and Sofie.  I learned that Germans hold their liquor much, much better than... well, me.

I got to talk to my sister from across the sea today, which is always a treat- she's coming in January for my brother's wedding and I'm... sehr** pumped!  Have you guys ever had an exchange student?  Do you keep in touch?  What did you teach them?  More importantly, what did you learn?  Let me get to the point... does anybody know how to say "hickey" in any other language? :)
Auf Wiedersehen Friends!

*She learned important English words too.  Like, all of them.  She speaks complete and perfect English now.
**That means "very".  Thank you Google Translate!


Rachel said...

We never had exchange students but I do have a friend who has a french student come every summer to be a "nanny" for her kids. It is always interesting...some are great, others go home early. ;) I have been to Europe though and also enjoyed the Kinder Eggs!

Sandra - the exchange student :o) said...

Aaaah you are soooo sweet! Thank you so much for this entry and well what should I say I am sooo happy to find a second family across the ocean and I really miss you all every single day! And to complete it - I still remember the very first word I have learned during my first stay "onion". The chief went back to his kitchen to show me what an onion is after I wasn´t able to find it out with your fathers explanations.And during my second stay your father teached me the "ducks" name of the types up North - loon. :o)))
And to complete your comment as well, it was not my first exchange program but really the best ever. The other ones (if you remember my stories) were terrible and not as much fun as the one at your family.
Finally I am counting down the days to see you again!
Hugs and wish you a wonderful day!
Miss you all!

Kennagurl said...

I laughed so hard when i watched this commercial I had to rewind it on the dvr and make my hubby watch lol !!!