Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dressed For A Chub Fest

I made two big mistakes today.  First of all, I went shopping.  I rarely shop these days because of The Guilt (you know The Guilt- should've used this money for groceries, for toys, for a new dining room table, for teeny-tiny undergarments for underprivileged sea monkeys, etc. etc!)  But I went.  And I bought black boots (that I love and can justify without too much effort as the heel on my other pair of black boots is busted and come on!  I can't go all winter without closed-toe black shoes) and a dress that takes quite a bit more effort to justify but it was on sale so there's that. 

First mistake: the dress is pretty form fitting.  Not skanky, and not quite age-inappropriate (but getting there I think- it may have been a bit of an almost-mid-life crisis purchase), but form fitting.  We're going out to dinner with friends tomorrow (sans kiddos!) and I didn't buy it for that per say, but was thinking it would be a good dress for a kidless dinner.

Second mistake: eating like a cow the rest of the day.  I am planning to cram myself into this thing tomorrow and truly?  I couldn't have been a bigger cow today if I tried.  It was hunger at first, then I was procrastinating, then the Schwan's man brought me some cookies, then Jim showed up with Swedish Fish, and now I have some chub to make discreet before tomorrow evening.  If you have any 24 hour weight loss tricks (besides not eating- I mean, let's not lose our heads here!) now is the time to pass them on to me!!

Speaking of passing things on to me, Beth at The Inevitable Unraveling of My Sanity shared this commercial with me a while back and I love it.  And it's fitting for my post today.  Form fitting.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Best WWW Wednesday of the Year

It's September 29th!!  Want to know who shares my birthday?  Bryant Gumbel, Jerry Lee Lewis and Taime Downe.  Oh, you don't know who Taime Downe is?  I didn't either.  He was the lead singer of Faster Pussycats.  Nope, didn't ring any bells for me either.  So I did some YouTube research... here's their rendition of You're So Vain.  He's so taime, he probably thinks this blog is about him.  Just kidding buddy!  I'm downe with your very 80s video!

Now on to more important Wednesday tasks:
Whine: I was supposed to get a new phone for my birthday, but the company (which shall remain nameless AT This time) game me such a hard time about contracts, etc. I walked out sans my new phone I've been dreaming about for the past YEAR.  Boo.
Wish:  *blows out candles* I wish sweet little Adrienne would please resume her regularly scheduled naptime.  Her naps have been sporadic at best this week and it's throwing my carefully planned blog reading itinerary into a tizzy.
Woo-hoo:  It's been such a fun day!  My friends are family are second to none with their birthday wishes, Molly has been nothing short of angelic (angelic for her that is) and is going fishing at her Grandpa's tonight, Jim's home, a book I was waiting for at the library came in, and Mexican Chowder is on the menu for dinner tonight (with sorbet for dessert!).  So far this age is working out nicely for me. 

A birthday commercial:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turn Left. Then, Laugh Hard.

Happy early birthday to ME!  I saw a Garmin commercial the other day I wanted to share with you guys, but I couldn't find it on YouTube.  I was sad for all of 1 second when I laid eyes on this beauty!  It's a funny commercial for lots of reasons, but let's be honest... squirrels make everything better don't they?  I think that must be a trade secret in the advertising biz because, seriously?  I bet I could do a solid week of squirrely commercials.  And there's a good chance that would be the happiest week of my life.

Two years ago on my birthday I received a life-saving gift.  No, not a kidney.  A different kind of life-saving.  My TomTom.  Now I can't find my way to the mailbox without my GPS.  If it told me to hang a left and then cut off my right pinkie I would robotically do so without thinking twice.  It's never failed me (except the time it had me turn the wrong way down a one way- but there are little speed bumps in every beautiful relationship, no?)  So on the eve of my birthday I celebrate GPSes everywhere.  And squirrels too.  And what the H?  Let's also celebrate marathon running leprechauns.  Cake and ice cream for all!

Hoppin' Tuesday

I haven't done a blog hop in a while and I think today is the day!  I've never done Follow Me Back Tuesday before, but look how cute the button is with those 4 sassy (very skinny!) girls!  It makes me want to go shopping (or go on a diet?  Nah... just shop!)

BWS tips button

If you guys want to join in the hopping fun, check out  Survey Junkie, Little Yaya's, Review Retreat and Boobies, Babies & A Blog for details- they're the supercool hostesses for this thing!

Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Kinds of Nasty

Ok, I want to do this without ostracizing any of my polygamous readers*.  Did any of you watch "Sister Wives" last night on TLC?  I don't want to judge.  I don't.  It's a leeeeetle hard not to, but here I go.  I can understand why it may be helpful to have a few extra adult hands around.  And a couple extra incomes to boot.  I've certainly wished for a nanny or maid service multiple times.  I have never (Repeat: never) wished Jim would bring home another wife.  Can you wrap your head around the polygamy concept?  Because I struggle with it.  Really.  Struggle.

The husband in the show clearly thinks he is hot hubby stuff with his three (soon to be four?!  Cliffhanger!) wives and pyglets (the kids- their words, not mine!!).  I get the feeling the women have some esteem problems (oops, non-judgey Jules has left the building).  You could manage a household as the only wife, dear!  You alone could raise your kids without having to share a husband who has (what appears to be) commitment issues!  In the trailer for next week's show the current wives are discussing the potential new wife when one comments, "He deserves to have a cute wife".  ?!?! First off, ouch! to the other wives, and secondly don't sell yourself so short Wife #3! 

Don't get me wrong, as weirded out as I am by the show I intend to keep watching.  My girlfriend (who also has just one husband) made the point it may be a bit voyeuristic, but hey!  They're asking for it! 

There aren't plural (a word tossed around quite a bit in the 1 hour episode) commercials about polygamy (or even a single commercial that I know of) so here's an ad that makes me smile.  Frankly, I hope I'm so awesome when I'm older.  I'll go out and get freaky on the dance floor and onlookers can judge me all day long as I do the "Sister Wives".

*That's kind of a joke because I don't think I have any polygamous readers, do I?  Do I?  Like you'd admit it to me now, right?  Fair enough.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cupcakes and Cookies

Fuuuuuun weekend!  So fun.  My sister took a weekend off from her hip cool life in Chicago to visit US!  It was so great to see her.  There is nothing in the world like sisters, is there?  Except maybe brothers...  So what did I do with my sister visiting?  Left her with my girls while Jim and I spent the day at Michigan State tailgating and attending the game with some of our very bestest friends.  When I got home Jamie (that's my sis) and the girls had a little surprise birthday party for me (bday is this week. I'm 29!  Again!) complete with cupcakes and thoughtful gifts.  See the tissues in this picture?  Those are my favorite, lotiony kind for my nose, which is completely raw from this cold that ambushed me.  You should know we normally don't looks so scruffy looking.  Well, she doesn't anyway.

My brother arrived Saturday night for more sibling fun.  We are just a bunch of weenies when we get together- I don't know how Jim puts up with us.  Things that aren't normally hilarious suddenly are when I'm with my sibs.  Of course, we totally pick on each other.  When I was off to church this morning, teaching Sunday School and trying get into heaven, THEY were hacking into my Facebook account and changing my status to something humiliating about me being smelly.  After I pummeled them with my very best big sister pummels we had a lovely fall day playing ball outside, enjoying cider and donuts, and picking out pumpkins.

The three of us looooove our Oreos and I'm intrigued by the new ones.  I dig the commercial even though Shaq is in it.  I hope the marketing team can find a good play on words with Ohno and Oreo.  That seems feasible doesn't it? 

By the way, have you guys seen the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog?  With the milk and cookie Halloween costumes?  How cute are they?!?
Another aside: If you're interested, here is a easy and yummy Oreo recipe: smoosh up a pack of Oreos, mix together with an 8oz package of cream cheese, form into balls, and dip into chocolate for an Oreo truffle (or Oreo Ball if you're a commoner like me)  Also relevant because I first had Oreo balls last year tailgating at an MSU game.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Him Is Jim

I don't talk much about my husband on Ad Bits.  He's amazing (duh, he's been putting up with me for... oh lord! 13 years now if you count our dating years!).  I thought it was about time I featured a commercial that best embodies my Jim; this Direct TV ad does just that:

I'm JUST KIDDING!  That dude couldn't be more unlike my husband!  I just love the ad because of that mini giraffe.  How much would I pay for one?  Think second mortgage! 
Here are three actual (Jim approved) facts about my better half:
1.  He's an avid outdoorsman.  How in the world he wound up with can't (read: won't) bait a hook Jules, is beyond me.  He took me hunting once when we first started dating (I agreed because I was still trying to impress him, obviously).  I slept the first half hour and then waited in the truck.  He's a true conservationist for reals and I just love how he adores (and innately knows) everything outdoorsy.
2.  He has big ears.  And a great sense of humor about them.  And thank goodness for that because he hears a lot.  A lot of jokes, that is. :)  My siblings affectionately (?) refer to me as "Lefty" because my left ear sticks out more than my right.  Between Jim and I, our poor kids don't stand a chance in the ear department.  Wear your hair long girlies!
3.  He may be the last person on the planet without a Facebook account, he still wouldn't have a cell phone if work didn't require it, just recently did he start texting, and he wouldn't dream of "surfing" the internet.  He fully supports my blog, but doesn't read it unless I force him to on a regular basis.

There you have it Readers- the man juuuuuust crazy enough to end up with this spastic redhead!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Nutty?

An awesome thing happened to me last night at the gym.  My usual treadmill was out of order.  And the next few were occupied, so I had to move further down the row (I'm quite the creature of habit, so I did this very grudgingly) to a different set of TVs.  These had channels on I wouldn't normally watch, which means I saw commercials I don't normally see.  Including this one:

Yes!  A scooting, biking woodland creature!  I love this stuff like say, a squirrel loves nuts.  Thank you out of order treadmill!  Thank you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three Dubs

Happy Hump Day!  Here are my dubs for the day:
Whine: We had a wind storm last night and it knocked over my bean plants and my beautiful zinnias! (There weren't many left thanks to the last wind storm).  A mini woo-hoo: at least it's the end of the season.  Inexplicably, Molly's scooter which was in the middle of the very unsheltered driveway, didn't seem to move an inch.  Whatever wind.  Whatever.
Wish: I wish Molly never would have found The Pied Piper in this bag of hand-me-down books we got.  She keeps asking me to read it and it's HORRIBLE!  As you may know if you've been a follower for a while, I have a terrific fear of... ew ew ew... here it goes- mice.  Double that fear for rats.  Then there's the whole part about the mountain swallowing up all the kids in the village except for the little boy with the bad leg.  So so much wrong with this.  So very much.
Woo-hoo: Adrienne said two new "words" today: "boom" (when she falls) and "bonk" (when she hits her head).  In our household those totally count as words.  Here are a couple woo-hoos that are less annoying than some chick blabbing about her kid's non-words: my house is semi-clean (which is as good as it ever gets around here), I had my first Bible study of the year today and it rocked, some friends of ours announced their pregnancy today, and I think I may actually get 100 Ad Bits followers by the end of the year!  Can I get a WOO-HOO!?!

In honor (word choice?) of my wish, here is a commercial I hate, but have to admit is funny.  I featured it all the way back in January before I had any followers (have I thanked you guys lately for following?  Thank you!!!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing My Lunch.

It's the season premiere of The Biggest Loser tonight!  This is normally a... well, a big deal for me.  But for some reason I just cannot get into it tonight!  I was all set to be inspired and had my tissues on hand as I usually cry during every single episode (especially the first one!) and of course, I had my bowl of chocolate ice cream looking all delicious and inviting.  But I just wasn't feeling it.  I still ate the ice cream of course (that goes without saying, doesn't it?).  I'm a persistent girl, so I'll try watching again next week.  Did you guys watch?  Was it good?  Should I give it another go?

The contestants always serve as great motivators during my workouts, which is a large part of why I love the show.  However, I may not need them anymore because of this commercial.  Thank the Lord I had already finished my ice cream when I saw this ad because I'm not sure I will ever eat anything again after viewing this.  It is the most unappetizing thing I've seen since the gross Mentos commercial with the faucet nose.  I am eternally grateful this isn't aired in the U.S.  Am I crazy?  Watch and tell me if it is not just as painful as watching Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sore, Like An Eagle

My little Adi has had a busy couple of days.  Yesterday she was baptized and had a celebratory dinner in her honor (a good chunk of which she slept through).  Here she is with a sticker Molly put on her forehead, and here she is at the actual baptism without a sticker on her forehead.

And today she had her 15 month check-up.  Happily, she is as healthy as they come, albeit a little small.  She was charming and chatty and showing off her new walking skills right up until vaccination time.

I love nurses.  I think they have a hard job that I would stink at; they are kind and selfless and I know they hate inflicting pain.  I know all these things.  Even so, there is a fleeting moment as I'm holding my baby's arms down and looking into her suddenly surprised and horrified expression when I want to punch the nurse a little bit.  I know!!!  I know!  I'm so ashamed!!  Are there any nurses reading?  I'm awful!  Trust me, I overcompensate for my rotten thoughts by thanking and complimenting the shot-givers profusely.  I can only hope they have kids and have fought the urge to blacken an eye or two in their vaccination days as well.

Now that you know how horrible I really am, dew watch this funny commercial.  The eagle scream at the end is a bit like what came out of Adi's teeny tiny mouth the second the needle penetrated.  The girl can certainly cry like an eagle.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

You'll Drive Me To Dancing

I ran into a girlfriend the other day and she said, "Oh, I saw you driving down the road the other day."  Scary.  Who knows what I was doing when she saw me?!  Usually when I'm en route in my Envoy, I'm singing with the girls.  Not a big deal, except we're usually singing "The Wheels on the Bus" or "If You're Happy and You Know It" complete with exaggerated hand motions.  God forbid she caught me doing my pig nose during "Old MacDonald." (I'm frighteningly good at driving with my knees, but trust me when I say I never rarely text while I'm driving!) 

If I'm not rocking out with the girls I'm rocking out... um... by myself.  I raise the roof, I squirt the sprinkler, there may be a chest pump here or there- I don't know, I can't be held responsible for my actions when the music moves me, ok?  On several occasions Molly has requested I stop singing (but why?!) and I know it's just a matter of time before she puts a stop to my sweet moves.  So I'm simply getting it all out of my system now.
I love this commercial, and fully respect this girl's need to shake what her (cynical!) Mama gave her.


What a lovely day!  What an honor!  I received an award from Discovering the Me in Mommy, who happens to be quite lovely herself!  Thank you, thank you!  This took my already pretty decent day from an 8 to a 10!

Here are the guidelines for winning:
1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link. 
2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered. (I scaled back a bit- please don't take my award away!!!)
3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen. (Will do!  I just love these blogs and I think you all will too!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WWW Wednesday!

It's Ad Bits' 2nd WWW Wednesday!  If you missed last week's post, the dubs stand for whine, wish, and woo-hoo.  Here are my dubs du jour:
Whine: My dog is sick.  Poor wittle baby.
Wish: I wish A's clothes would sort themselves out!  I'm putting away stuff she's outgrown and getting M's old 18-24 month stuff out for her.  It is super fun pulling out a whole new wardrobe for her, but everything has to be washed before retiring to the basement (in case of another baby girl someday?!?!) or before settling into her closet and dresser (things smells dusty even though I cleaned this stuff before the first migration to the basement boxes).
Woo-hoo!: I looooove fall in Michigan!  The air is just the right temperature, the sky has the perfect blue to cloud to sun ratio, and leaves are just starting to change colors.  It's gorgeous.  I can't wait for the year's first trip to the cider mill (or apple orchard- as you will see, today's commercial corresponds nicely with my woo-hoo, I think.  Cute!)

What are your WWWs?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dirt Devil in Disguise

This morning I had a meeting with my Sunday School co-teacher to go over lessons for the first couple weeks.  We were going to meet at the preschool both our daughters attend after kid drop-off.  I started to park my car but she ran up to me and said, "let's just go back to your house so Adrienne isn't bored stiff".  This makes good sense and I answer "okay!" in my brightest voice.  Inside I am dying because I know the state of my house.

We pull in to my driveway and start working our way through the garage to enter my home.  Normally, I toss my full garbage bags into the garage and the Garbage Fairy (Jim- who I'm sure just loves being called the Garbage Fairy) just takes the bags and throws them into our master garbage bin.  But Jim's been gone for several days and instead of throwing the trash out myself, I risk breaking an ankle by jumping over bags every time I'm in the garage.

Once we make it into the house we wade through at least 800 pairs of shoes (our household is 75% female!  We have a lot of shoes, ok?) and into the kitchen.  I don't know how your mornings are, but at our house I strip the girls out of their jammies in the kitchen or living room (I'll pick them up later!), and set them down for eggs (for A- pan is tossed into the sink for cleaning at a later time) and kiwi for M (it sat half-eaten at the counter, fuzzy skin strewn about the inside of the sink).  My floor hadn't had it's daily Swiffer (our dog sheds.  A lot.  And we drop crumbs.  A lot.), I still have all eight flies from last Wednesday's post, and one sad bottle of wine on my wine rack (tomorrow it may just be a lonely rack). 

Thankfully, my dear friend did not judge me (or masked it well- and really, that's all I can ask for).  So, just a heads up if any of you ever want to pop-in Chez Jules.  But if I know you're coming I promise to at least hide the shoes in the dishwasher.

Thought this was an appropriate commercial, not to mention supercute.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Totally WOULD Have A Drink With Myself!

Over the weekend I did a couple of shocking things.  Well, shocking if you lead an incredibly boring life.  I cleaned my car for one thing.  Cleaned my car!!  It is not such an embarrassing mess anymore, but there is a weird odor.  Some water spilled in the "trunk" (it's an Envoy so smells in the trunk fill the entire car), giving it a musty odor.  Then A had a blowout diaper and even after I washed her car seat, I'm here to tell you... the smell lingered.  I remedied that by finally moving her out of her infant seat, but I swear, the scent seeped into the every inch of the car.  The air freshener I bought smelled noninvasive and like lovely clean cotton in the store, but in my car it took on an overpowering bubble gummy smell.  Ah, well.  I'm sure it will smell of stale Cheerios and dirty, damp paper again soon.

I also cleaned out my purse!! (Oh, I probably should clarify: this is the other shocking thing.)  My pockets, purses, cup holders, etc. are often filled with scrap papers noting commercials I want to remember to share with you guys.  In this particular purse I found an old coupon with, "Hugh Hefner Stoli ad" scratched on it.  As I stood in the kitchen emptying this junk out something came on TV saying Hefner is worth $43 million*.  Is that a sign or what?  The universe most definitely wants me to Ad Bitize this commercial, and who am I to defy the universe?!  Oddly, suit and tie Hef seems to prefer brunettes, while robe Hef likes the blondes.  Somehow a redheaded extra did manage a small role at the end- see her?

*Larry Flynt is apparently worth $400 mil!!  I never would've guessed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Fooball Season! Kick Back and Relaaaaax!

The Lions first game of the season is today!  I'm not a huge football fan, but I am pumped for football season for a few reasons:
1. We're that much closer to hockey season.
2. I love snacky football foods.  Dips, chips, sammies, etc.  Luckily it's sweatshirt season, which is handy for covering up new flab resulting from said snacky foods.
3. The commercials!  Obviously!  I've long insisted the best commercials come on during sporting events.  I can't wait to see what Bud and Miller Light, Geico, and other ad giants have in store for us this year!

So in honor of Michigan's lackluster pro football team (God love 'em!) here is a season kickoff* commercial.  (A less loyal fan would crack a joke about this being just another day in the life of the Lions or something.  I, of course, would never say such a thing).

*kickoff?  Did I just make a football punt?  I mean pun?  Hee hee.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I've Been Schooled

I wasn't quiiiiiite ready to discuss on the blogosphere yesterday, but we made it through the first day of school.  Some of us (Molly) with flying colors, and some of us (me) just barely eeked by.  Of course, the parents stayed with the kiddos yesterday, so the real test is on Tuesday.  Molly will be delighted to be rid of me.  Yesterday, as she worked with her new friends at the craft table, she leaned over to whisper to me.  I leaned in, anticipating her to kiss my cheek or (better!) whisper adorable little concerns that I would happily put to rest in my most motherly voice.  Instead, she said, "Mommy.  You can go now!  This is just for children!"  Sigh.  So it begins.  Here's my little Preschooler on her first day:
Still recovering from the emotional roller coaster that is the first day of school, but Ad Bits relevant posts will be back in effect soon.  Promise!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Molly Bits

The other day Molly said, “in my spare time I like to blog about my Mommy and Daddy”. I laughed out loud because a)her spare time?! Between sneaking snacks, riding her bike, and playing store? Really, her schedule would never permit blogging. And b)she’s blogging about US? Scary! I have to wonder what that would look like. I’m thinking something like this:

“Busy day today! Daddy left for work and I cried just a little harder than normal, because it makes him feel so good. Plus if I really wail, Mommy tries to distract me with something she knows I love… today we made raspberry jello. Awwwesome! Later, Mommy showed me the backpack I’ll be taking to school. I tried it on and loved it! Mommy didn’t though. She started to cry for no apparent season (Jules note: Molly gets “season” and “reason” mixed up). Maybe she didn’t think all my sweet art projects would fit in there, but I can squish them all in. Oh! And then The Little Sister tooted and I called her out and it was hilarious! Dreading bedtime- fingers crossed that Mommy will read a few extra books tonight- suckas!”

Who knows what else she’d have to say about things. I’m hoping her blogging days are faaaar faaaar away. In the meantime, here’s a commercial we've all seen, but it gets cuter every time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WWW Wednesday

When I was TTC (that's "trying to conceive") both girls I became OOOObsessed (with a capital OOOO) with message boards providing TTC tips (temperature taking info), tricks (think positional stuff), and general things to feed my obsession.  That's all actually pretty irrelevant, except I'm stealing one of the message board ideas (because Wordless Wednesdays are just too quiet for my liking).  On hump days, the TTC boards did WWW Wednesdays.  The dubs stood for whine, wish, and woo-hoo!  So here are mine:
Whine:  There are at least 8 flies in my house today!  What the...!?!  Little buzztards.
Wish:  The obvious answer is for the flies to beat it, right?  No, I think I'll go with a wish for a free calorie day  week because my sweet tooth is in full effect, likely brought on by preschool anxiety and well, my love of all things sugar.
Woo-hoo:  My banana cream chocolate chip muffins turned out amazeballs!  See below.  I know they look like plain old muffins, but seriously, if I could send you guys an e-whiff you would be salivating.  And below that, see a commercial full of handsome wishes.  If you had to pick one of these guys which would it be?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Do: Watch Commercials and Laugh!

Will I ever be productive again?  It just doesn't feel like it!  I feel like I've been busy busy busy, but instead of my "To Do" list getting shorter, it just keeps growing!  Today I added "clean out car" (Molly's teachers get her out of the car at preschool and I'd hate for them to be knocked on their fannies from the tidal wave of crackers, socks, teething rings, and junk mail that never seem to make it out of my car).  I also had to add "pick up M's FG dress" (that's Flower Girl) because the bridal shop called me today and threatened to send it back if I didn't come get it this week.  Jeesh!  I didn't know it was taking up SO much of their precious rack space!  Now I'm going to have to somehow keep it separate from the bajillion princess costumes we have floating around until the wedding in January.  That's months away!

Um, ok.  Strikethrough that whole whiny paragraph.  Things are actually quite wonderful around here.  Our Labor Day weekend was so fun, Adrienne (finally!) took her very first steps, and I scored a cute (free!) picnic table for the girls from a friend.  As you can see, my anxiety from the upcoming first day of school occasionally rears it's ugly head in the form of whinyness.  What's that they say about the best medicine?  Prozac?  Vicodin?  Merlot?  Ohhhhh... right.  Laughter.  Here's a daily dose:

Sorry blondes!  I swear I would have stuck it on here even if she were a redhead!

I accidentally stumbled upon this one too and loved it- I mean, isn't this just the truth?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Heads Will Roll

I Never TIRE Of This Ad: 1/11/10
Molly was given a Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas and It. Is. Awesooooome. I played with it for a full 20 minutes before realizing Molly wasn't even in the room anymore. Lips in the eye hole? Hilarious every single time. This ad makes me want to tear the Michelins right off my car and roll wheel-less to the closest Bridgestone dealer.

And then. As I was YouTube searching for the Potato Head commercial, I found this Bridgestone ad, and remembered how I love it. Because in my head, when I swerve to miss an animal, this is what I imagine is actually happening. Plus, while the screaming animals are funny, the screaming lady is (inexplicably) even funnier.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

King Me.

Best BK Commercials- Buns Down: 10/14/09
I know, I know! I just blogged about people in funny costumes yesterday! But it got me thinking about the hilarity that is the Whopper Jr. I am actually off the Burger King right now because of their creepy masked King commercials,

and also because I am convinced they are using a lower quality (and dark!) meat now in my beloved chicken sandwich. (I allow myself one every decade as they are absolutely disgusting for the ol' ticker). But all this doesn't mean I don't get my kicks off guys in burger costumes:

Truly, they cannot have too many bun puns. I laughed at every last one. What's more is that Whopperness is apparently a recessive gene as Mom and Sis are fleshy (as opposed to... meaty?).

So here and now I am starting my campaign to get creepy King off my screen and the Whopper family on screen and into the hearts of Americans. But not literally. Because too much of that stuff will kill you. Really.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Need More Taco Bell!

I am sans internet access for a few days, but I dug into the Ad Bits archives for a few past posts to syndicate.  Everyone have a lovely Labor Day weekend!

My Taco Bell, My Love: 8/07/09
Today's commercial of choice is in honor of my husband (have I mentioned him? He's the coolest!) who brought this Taco Bell ad to my attention. First a little background on my love affair with Taco Bell. In addition to providing delicious food (to be enjoyed sober, drunk, or hungover) their marketing team is second to none. Let's take a look at their marketing genius of past:
1. They were talking animal pioneers with the talking chihuahua (I heard he died this year- R.I.P. little buddy)
2. They made the phrase, "run for the border" as popular as keggers on college campuses.
3. They encouraged consumers to, "think outside the bun"- yes! And inside the taco shell!
4. They coined the term "fourth meal" (best idea ever in more ways than one)

And now they bring us the, "It's all about the Roosevelts Baby" song!

The song is catchy, the video seriously funny (little blinged out piggy banks? Priceless!), and it is perfectly consistent with their marketing strategy! Additionally, I see this song is available as a ring tone. I'm here to tell you- I'm tempted. I love you Taco Bell marketing team! Keep 'em coming!

note: does TB's mad marketing skills make up for the elimination of the Chili Cheese Burrito? Let's not get carried away.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preschool Panic

I took Wordless Wednesday a bit far yesterday and just didn't post.  I had Molly's preschool orientation and after that I just had... no... words.  I had a pounding heart, pit in stomach, sweaty palms, lumpy throat, and teary eyes, but no words. 

I didn't know what to wear to this thing, so I erred on the side of slightly over-dressed, thinking I could somehow dress for Molly's success.  I certainly didn't want my girl being pegged as the daughter of the sloppy, flippy mom so I sported a bun thinking it was the best I could do to make myself look kinda-sorta intelligent.  Hopefully the bun compensated for my habit of saying "like" too much when I'm nervous.  ("Do you want us to fill these forms out like now?  Or just before like, the first day of class?")

Upon arrival, I located Molly's blue folder and sat down beside a Mom carrying (clutching?  clinging to?) another blue folder (corresponding folder colors meant our kids were in the same class).  Her white knuckle grip on said folder inspired me to strike up a conversation.  She is also sending her firstborn to school for the first time this year.  Another mom sat down on the other side of me who, it turns out, is sending her youngest to school.  After talking with both of them it became abundantly clear this does not. get. easier!!!  Sending your last baby to school is just as hard as sending your first baby!  I have to go through this at least one more time?!  No wonder Michelle Duggar homeschools.
Today's commercial* features a baby doing baby things.  It takes me back to the days Molly would suck on her toes and I would laugh and laugh, not even realizing a) all babies suck their toes and b) she would actually grow up to be a kid who goes to school, leaving me Wordless on orientation Wednesday and no doubt, on many occasions thereafter.