Thursday, September 9, 2010

Molly Bits

The other day Molly said, “in my spare time I like to blog about my Mommy and Daddy”. I laughed out loud because a)her spare time?! Between sneaking snacks, riding her bike, and playing store? Really, her schedule would never permit blogging. And b)she’s blogging about US? Scary! I have to wonder what that would look like. I’m thinking something like this:

“Busy day today! Daddy left for work and I cried just a little harder than normal, because it makes him feel so good. Plus if I really wail, Mommy tries to distract me with something she knows I love… today we made raspberry jello. Awwwesome! Later, Mommy showed me the backpack I’ll be taking to school. I tried it on and loved it! Mommy didn’t though. She started to cry for no apparent season (Jules note: Molly gets “season” and “reason” mixed up). Maybe she didn’t think all my sweet art projects would fit in there, but I can squish them all in. Oh! And then The Little Sister tooted and I called her out and it was hilarious! Dreading bedtime- fingers crossed that Mommy will read a few extra books tonight- suckas!”

Who knows what else she’d have to say about things. I’m hoping her blogging days are faaaar faaaar away. In the meantime, here’s a commercial we've all seen, but it gets cuter every time!


Nicki Woo said...

You kill me Jules. Here's to wishing you could come over to my house RIGHT NOW, and crack me the mess up.

Falling on the floor, peeing in my pants about Molly blogging. Too cute!

Alicia said...

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