Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WWW Wednesday

When I was TTC (that's "trying to conceive") both girls I became OOOObsessed (with a capital OOOO) with message boards providing TTC tips (temperature taking info), tricks (think positional stuff), and general things to feed my obsession.  That's all actually pretty irrelevant, except I'm stealing one of the message board ideas (because Wordless Wednesdays are just too quiet for my liking).  On hump days, the TTC boards did WWW Wednesdays.  The dubs stood for whine, wish, and woo-hoo!  So here are mine:
Whine:  There are at least 8 flies in my house today!  What the...!?!  Little buzztards.
Wish:  The obvious answer is for the flies to beat it, right?  No, I think I'll go with a wish for a free calorie day  week because my sweet tooth is in full effect, likely brought on by preschool anxiety and well, my love of all things sugar.
Woo-hoo:  My banana cream chocolate chip muffins turned out amazeballs!  See below.  I know they look like plain old muffins, but seriously, if I could send you guys an e-whiff you would be salivating.  And below that, see a commercial full of handsome wishes.  If you had to pick one of these guys which would it be?


Margi said...

I'll just take a combo of each of them! And I can smell those muffins just thinking about them! Dang I'm hungry out here in my lonely deer blind (that would be an office seperate from the general office populace LOL)
Oh, and the TTC stuff,,,are we trying for number 3!?!?! Say yes, say yes!

Margi said...

oh, and you need one of those electronic flyswatters! They are AWESOMENESS!

Jules said...

An electronic flyswatter? I've never heard of such a thing! I'll check into it ASAP! I love that you're catching up on your blogs from deer blind! You really are Techie Extraordinaire!
#3!?!? Yikes! I can barely handle the two I've got! But I guess stranger things have happened....!

Nicki Woo said...

Okay, do I have to pick one? At first i'm thinking the one with the rabbit. More for the rabbit, than for the guy. But then, the sensible part of me goes back to the first one, cause well, I don't think i want people's grimy shoe prints all on my car? Is that wrong of me? Don't answer.

And. . .didn't know you had another blog. gonna go check it out.