Monday, September 13, 2010

I Totally WOULD Have A Drink With Myself!

Over the weekend I did a couple of shocking things.  Well, shocking if you lead an incredibly boring life.  I cleaned my car for one thing.  Cleaned my car!!  It is not such an embarrassing mess anymore, but there is a weird odor.  Some water spilled in the "trunk" (it's an Envoy so smells in the trunk fill the entire car), giving it a musty odor.  Then A had a blowout diaper and even after I washed her car seat, I'm here to tell you... the smell lingered.  I remedied that by finally moving her out of her infant seat, but I swear, the scent seeped into the every inch of the car.  The air freshener I bought smelled noninvasive and like lovely clean cotton in the store, but in my car it took on an overpowering bubble gummy smell.  Ah, well.  I'm sure it will smell of stale Cheerios and dirty, damp paper again soon.

I also cleaned out my purse!! (Oh, I probably should clarify: this is the other shocking thing.)  My pockets, purses, cup holders, etc. are often filled with scrap papers noting commercials I want to remember to share with you guys.  In this particular purse I found an old coupon with, "Hugh Hefner Stoli ad" scratched on it.  As I stood in the kitchen emptying this junk out something came on TV saying Hefner is worth $43 million*.  Is that a sign or what?  The universe most definitely wants me to Ad Bitize this commercial, and who am I to defy the universe?!  Oddly, suit and tie Hef seems to prefer brunettes, while robe Hef likes the blondes.  Somehow a redheaded extra did manage a small role at the end- see her?

*Larry Flynt is apparently worth $400 mil!!  I never would've guessed.


Jen said...

Too funny! I love your blog!! Definitely will be following!

Shine said...

I found you through MBC and wowzers. Love the blog. You are a great read.
Thanks so much.

Please check out my blog

Tish said...

Thanks for joining my blog!! I really need to clean out my car and purse! LOL My car is terrible!!!!

Have a great day! :)