Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Best WWW Wednesday of the Year

It's September 29th!!  Want to know who shares my birthday?  Bryant Gumbel, Jerry Lee Lewis and Taime Downe.  Oh, you don't know who Taime Downe is?  I didn't either.  He was the lead singer of Faster Pussycats.  Nope, didn't ring any bells for me either.  So I did some YouTube research... here's their rendition of You're So Vain.  He's so taime, he probably thinks this blog is about him.  Just kidding buddy!  I'm downe with your very 80s video!

Now on to more important Wednesday tasks:
Whine: I was supposed to get a new phone for my birthday, but the company (which shall remain nameless AT This time) game me such a hard time about contracts, etc. I walked out sans my new phone I've been dreaming about for the past YEAR.  Boo.
Wish:  *blows out candles* I wish sweet little Adrienne would please resume her regularly scheduled naptime.  Her naps have been sporadic at best this week and it's throwing my carefully planned blog reading itinerary into a tizzy.
Woo-hoo:  It's been such a fun day!  My friends are family are second to none with their birthday wishes, Molly has been nothing short of angelic (angelic for her that is) and is going fishing at her Grandpa's tonight, Jim's home, a book I was waiting for at the library came in, and Mexican Chowder is on the menu for dinner tonight (with sorbet for dessert!).  So far this age is working out nicely for me. 

A birthday commercial:


Tish said...

Happy Birthday!! :) I hope it was truley wonderful!!

Nicole Bingham said...

Just following your cute blog from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Please follow me back @

Thanks, Nicole Mariana

Nicki Woo said...

Happy Birthdady Two days late!!!!!! Your crackin' me up kid the the rocker video. Never heard of him either, but it looks like he's really into fine art, and leggy girls. Sorry i only watched 40 seconds of the video, i was getting a little self concsious.

I hope you have the best birthday year ever in the history of the WHOLE WORLD! Says my 5 year old self. Go eat some pie.