Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing My Lunch.

It's the season premiere of The Biggest Loser tonight!  This is normally a... well, a big deal for me.  But for some reason I just cannot get into it tonight!  I was all set to be inspired and had my tissues on hand as I usually cry during every single episode (especially the first one!) and of course, I had my bowl of chocolate ice cream looking all delicious and inviting.  But I just wasn't feeling it.  I still ate the ice cream of course (that goes without saying, doesn't it?).  I'm a persistent girl, so I'll try watching again next week.  Did you guys watch?  Was it good?  Should I give it another go?

The contestants always serve as great motivators during my workouts, which is a large part of why I love the show.  However, I may not need them anymore because of this commercial.  Thank the Lord I had already finished my ice cream when I saw this ad because I'm not sure I will ever eat anything again after viewing this.  It is the most unappetizing thing I've seen since the gross Mentos commercial with the faucet nose.  I am eternally grateful this isn't aired in the U.S.  Am I crazy?  Watch and tell me if it is not just as painful as watching Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman.


Tish said...

Wow.... Ewwwww!!! Thank goodness I didn't see that, while I was eating dinner (watching the Biggest Loser!)

Unpolished Parenting said...

Yeah the episode last night was only okay. I mean they all did have really heart-wrenching stories, but I only teared up once or twice. Maybe we've been desenitized? I'll keep watching though, because those transformations are pretty amazing!

-Oh and really bizarre commercial?!

Nicki Woo said...

I'm with you on Biggest Loser. I actually fell asleep during the last 20 minutes. Not good.

I'll try again next week.

But. . .it is going to take a lot more than that commercial to get me to stop eating. I'm driven that way.