Monday, September 20, 2010

Sore, Like An Eagle

My little Adi has had a busy couple of days.  Yesterday she was baptized and had a celebratory dinner in her honor (a good chunk of which she slept through).  Here she is with a sticker Molly put on her forehead, and here she is at the actual baptism without a sticker on her forehead.

And today she had her 15 month check-up.  Happily, she is as healthy as they come, albeit a little small.  She was charming and chatty and showing off her new walking skills right up until vaccination time.

I love nurses.  I think they have a hard job that I would stink at; they are kind and selfless and I know they hate inflicting pain.  I know all these things.  Even so, there is a fleeting moment as I'm holding my baby's arms down and looking into her suddenly surprised and horrified expression when I want to punch the nurse a little bit.  I know!!!  I know!  I'm so ashamed!!  Are there any nurses reading?  I'm awful!  Trust me, I overcompensate for my rotten thoughts by thanking and complimenting the shot-givers profusely.  I can only hope they have kids and have fought the urge to blacken an eye or two in their vaccination days as well.

Now that you know how horrible I really am, dew watch this funny commercial.  The eagle scream at the end is a bit like what came out of Adi's teeny tiny mouth the second the needle penetrated.  The girl can certainly cry like an eagle.


Anonymous said...

I love the concept of your blog! I'll definitely be going through your videos.

I don't know if you already did this one, but if we're allowed to submit commercials we like then I have one. It's for Becel:

P.S. Thanks for following me!! It was the highlight of my day!

Jules said...

Ha! Love it! I hadn't seen that one before! I'll totally use it one of these days. Thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

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