Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cupcakes and Cookies

Fuuuuuun weekend!  So fun.  My sister took a weekend off from her hip cool life in Chicago to visit US!  It was so great to see her.  There is nothing in the world like sisters, is there?  Except maybe brothers...  So what did I do with my sister visiting?  Left her with my girls while Jim and I spent the day at Michigan State tailgating and attending the game with some of our very bestest friends.  When I got home Jamie (that's my sis) and the girls had a little surprise birthday party for me (bday is this week. I'm 29!  Again!) complete with cupcakes and thoughtful gifts.  See the tissues in this picture?  Those are my favorite, lotiony kind for my nose, which is completely raw from this cold that ambushed me.  You should know we normally don't looks so scruffy looking.  Well, she doesn't anyway.

My brother arrived Saturday night for more sibling fun.  We are just a bunch of weenies when we get together- I don't know how Jim puts up with us.  Things that aren't normally hilarious suddenly are when I'm with my sibs.  Of course, we totally pick on each other.  When I was off to church this morning, teaching Sunday School and trying get into heaven, THEY were hacking into my Facebook account and changing my status to something humiliating about me being smelly.  After I pummeled them with my very best big sister pummels we had a lovely fall day playing ball outside, enjoying cider and donuts, and picking out pumpkins.

The three of us looooove our Oreos and I'm intrigued by the new ones.  I dig the commercial even though Shaq is in it.  I hope the marketing team can find a good play on words with Ohno and Oreo.  That seems feasible doesn't it? 

By the way, have you guys seen the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog?  With the milk and cookie Halloween costumes?  How cute are they?!?
Another aside: If you're interested, here is a easy and yummy Oreo recipe: smoosh up a pack of Oreos, mix together with an 8oz package of cream cheese, form into balls, and dip into chocolate for an Oreo truffle (or Oreo Ball if you're a commoner like me)  Also relevant because I first had Oreo balls last year tailgating at an MSU game.


Leanne said...

LOVE hearing the silliness of you and your sibs - really cute! And the oreo recipe - LOVE IT, too! Last year I did these for Halloween (crushed oreos & cream cheese mixture), but formed them into ghost like shapes and covered them in melted white chocolate. Add a few eye holes here and there, and it was a funny spooky goodie! So glad you had a great weekend! Here's to many many more!

Leanne said...


Margi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Julie! We share a bday week! WOOT WOOT!
Glad ya'll had a great time and I got such a kick out of your status. I laughed so hard, my first thought was ooooohhhhh Jim is in big trouble! LOL Glad to hear it was the sibs messing with you!
Have a great week and give those two kutie pies, the kids not the sibs, a smooch for me.

Health and Fitness Fairy said...

Nice Blog! Following you via Mom Bloggers Under 100 Followers.

Have a lovely day!

Jules said...

Thank you for the comments and birthday wishes! Leanne, I looooove the ghost idea! I covered Nutter Butters in white chocolate one year and painted ghost faces on them. Fun!
Margi, my sibs are SUCH TWERPS! Do you see what I put up with?!?!