Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Do: Watch Commercials and Laugh!

Will I ever be productive again?  It just doesn't feel like it!  I feel like I've been busy busy busy, but instead of my "To Do" list getting shorter, it just keeps growing!  Today I added "clean out car" (Molly's teachers get her out of the car at preschool and I'd hate for them to be knocked on their fannies from the tidal wave of crackers, socks, teething rings, and junk mail that never seem to make it out of my car).  I also had to add "pick up M's FG dress" (that's Flower Girl) because the bridal shop called me today and threatened to send it back if I didn't come get it this week.  Jeesh!  I didn't know it was taking up SO much of their precious rack space!  Now I'm going to have to somehow keep it separate from the bajillion princess costumes we have floating around until the wedding in January.  That's months away!

Um, ok.  Strikethrough that whole whiny paragraph.  Things are actually quite wonderful around here.  Our Labor Day weekend was so fun, Adrienne (finally!) took her very first steps, and I scored a cute (free!) picnic table for the girls from a friend.  As you can see, my anxiety from the upcoming first day of school occasionally rears it's ugly head in the form of whinyness.  What's that they say about the best medicine?  Prozac?  Vicodin?  Merlot?  Ohhhhh... right.  Laughter.  Here's a daily dose:

Sorry blondes!  I swear I would have stuck it on here even if she were a redhead!

I accidentally stumbled upon this one too and loved it- I mean, isn't this just the truth?


Nicki Woo said...

Wow, your to do list sounds like mine, only I need to add clean out the truck so our Pre-School teacher doesn't get caught in the avalanche crap in our car. So nice of you to be thinkin' ahead. So considerate, you!

You have a FG dress, and the wedding's not until January? Will it still fit? My kids grow at lightening speed, and then nothing. Their shoes fit for like 6 months and then they're 10 sizes too small. Oh well. Don't worry about picking up the dress, you got to keep your priorities straight. Have you blogged today? If the answer is yes, then you're doing good. Who cares about all that other stuff :)

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I had seen the tuna fish one before but not the blond both made me giggle and that is always a good thing. My van is always in need of cleaning it reminds me of my laundry baskets... never empty. Thanks for the giggle.

Erica said...

Hmm.. best parenting medicine? I'd say it's a toss-up between fine wine and tranquilizers (for the parents, not the kids!) myself :)

BlackEyedDog said...

tuna, eh? Well...if it helps *lol*

thx so much for stoppin by and sharing some bloggy love...I'm following back!


Naomi said...

I so love the blonde one! I have previously put it on my facebook page and got lots of comments about it! so love the tuna one too - funny but so true! Naomi.