Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turn Left. Then, Laugh Hard.

Happy early birthday to ME!  I saw a Garmin commercial the other day I wanted to share with you guys, but I couldn't find it on YouTube.  I was sad for all of 1 second when I laid eyes on this beauty!  It's a funny commercial for lots of reasons, but let's be honest... squirrels make everything better don't they?  I think that must be a trade secret in the advertising biz because, seriously?  I bet I could do a solid week of squirrely commercials.  And there's a good chance that would be the happiest week of my life.

Two years ago on my birthday I received a life-saving gift.  No, not a kidney.  A different kind of life-saving.  My TomTom.  Now I can't find my way to the mailbox without my GPS.  If it told me to hang a left and then cut off my right pinkie I would robotically do so without thinking twice.  It's never failed me (except the time it had me turn the wrong way down a one way- but there are little speed bumps in every beautiful relationship, no?)  So on the eve of my birthday I celebrate GPSes everywhere.  And squirrels too.  And what the H?  Let's also celebrate marathon running leprechauns.  Cake and ice cream for all!


What I Did Today said...

Ahahahaha! That's too funny! I love my Garmin too. We've had two. Not long after getting the first one we (stupidly) left it in the car in PLAIN sight overnight. And someone broke the passenger side window to get it. I put my gps right up there in importance with flusing toilets, cell phones, and my pillow top mattress. ESSENTIAL! :)

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