Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dressed For A Chub Fest

I made two big mistakes today.  First of all, I went shopping.  I rarely shop these days because of The Guilt (you know The Guilt- should've used this money for groceries, for toys, for a new dining room table, for teeny-tiny undergarments for underprivileged sea monkeys, etc. etc!)  But I went.  And I bought black boots (that I love and can justify without too much effort as the heel on my other pair of black boots is busted and come on!  I can't go all winter without closed-toe black shoes) and a dress that takes quite a bit more effort to justify but it was on sale so there's that. 

First mistake: the dress is pretty form fitting.  Not skanky, and not quite age-inappropriate (but getting there I think- it may have been a bit of an almost-mid-life crisis purchase), but form fitting.  We're going out to dinner with friends tomorrow (sans kiddos!) and I didn't buy it for that per say, but was thinking it would be a good dress for a kidless dinner.

Second mistake: eating like a cow the rest of the day.  I am planning to cram myself into this thing tomorrow and truly?  I couldn't have been a bigger cow today if I tried.  It was hunger at first, then I was procrastinating, then the Schwan's man brought me some cookies, then Jim showed up with Swedish Fish, and now I have some chub to make discreet before tomorrow evening.  If you have any 24 hour weight loss tricks (besides not eating- I mean, let's not lose our heads here!) now is the time to pass them on to me!!

Speaking of passing things on to me, Beth at The Inevitable Unraveling of My Sanity shared this commercial with me a while back and I love it.  And it's fitting for my post today.  Form fitting.


Beth said...

A date!?!? SO exciting! Have fun, and I'm sure you will look great in your skanky - sorry, you said it WASN'T skanky, didn't you - sophisticated dress.

Nicki Woo said...

Well it's too late for this, but for next time whenever i need to slim it up a bit in 24 hours, which sadly is more than I should admit, I eliminate dairy and . . .sugar. . somehow does something and the chubbers go a hiding until. . .i start with the dairy and sugar again, which is generally immediately. Well gotta go. . .I think I hear a pecan pie calling.