Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preschool Panic

I took Wordless Wednesday a bit far yesterday and just didn't post.  I had Molly's preschool orientation and after that I just had... no... words.  I had a pounding heart, pit in stomach, sweaty palms, lumpy throat, and teary eyes, but no words. 

I didn't know what to wear to this thing, so I erred on the side of slightly over-dressed, thinking I could somehow dress for Molly's success.  I certainly didn't want my girl being pegged as the daughter of the sloppy, flippy mom so I sported a bun thinking it was the best I could do to make myself look kinda-sorta intelligent.  Hopefully the bun compensated for my habit of saying "like" too much when I'm nervous.  ("Do you want us to fill these forms out like now?  Or just before like, the first day of class?")

Upon arrival, I located Molly's blue folder and sat down beside a Mom carrying (clutching?  clinging to?) another blue folder (corresponding folder colors meant our kids were in the same class).  Her white knuckle grip on said folder inspired me to strike up a conversation.  She is also sending her firstborn to school for the first time this year.  Another mom sat down on the other side of me who, it turns out, is sending her youngest to school.  After talking with both of them it became abundantly clear this does not. get. easier!!!  Sending your last baby to school is just as hard as sending your first baby!  I have to go through this at least one more time?!  No wonder Michelle Duggar homeschools.
Today's commercial* features a baby doing baby things.  It takes me back to the days Molly would suck on her toes and I would laugh and laugh, not even realizing a) all babies suck their toes and b) she would actually grow up to be a kid who goes to school, leaving me Wordless on orientation Wednesday and no doubt, on many occasions thereafter.


Nicki Woo said...

Aaaaah, Jules. I wish I had some words of wisdom with my 4 baby havin' self. Alas, I do not. All I can say is, lets cry in our milk together, over blueberry pie. and some whipped cream. and could we add one of those marachino cherry things on top too? maybe a little granola for some crunch. okay, i feel a "little" better.

Leanne said...

Awe - love the diaper bottom in this one. Really cute.

I'm sending my youngest to preschool for the first time next week. You made me laugh when you said that you put your hair in a bun - so funny!

Good Luck! She's going to do FANTASTIC ... just look at her mommy!