Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Kinds of Nasty

Ok, I want to do this without ostracizing any of my polygamous readers*.  Did any of you watch "Sister Wives" last night on TLC?  I don't want to judge.  I don't.  It's a leeeeetle hard not to, but here I go.  I can understand why it may be helpful to have a few extra adult hands around.  And a couple extra incomes to boot.  I've certainly wished for a nanny or maid service multiple times.  I have never (Repeat: never) wished Jim would bring home another wife.  Can you wrap your head around the polygamy concept?  Because I struggle with it.  Really.  Struggle.

The husband in the show clearly thinks he is hot hubby stuff with his three (soon to be four?!  Cliffhanger!) wives and pyglets (the kids- their words, not mine!!).  I get the feeling the women have some esteem problems (oops, non-judgey Jules has left the building).  You could manage a household as the only wife, dear!  You alone could raise your kids without having to share a husband who has (what appears to be) commitment issues!  In the trailer for next week's show the current wives are discussing the potential new wife when one comments, "He deserves to have a cute wife".  ?!?! First off, ouch! to the other wives, and secondly don't sell yourself so short Wife #3! 

Don't get me wrong, as weirded out as I am by the show I intend to keep watching.  My girlfriend (who also has just one husband) made the point it may be a bit voyeuristic, but hey!  They're asking for it! 

There aren't plural (a word tossed around quite a bit in the 1 hour episode) commercials about polygamy (or even a single commercial that I know of) so here's an ad that makes me smile.  Frankly, I hope I'm so awesome when I'm older.  I'll go out and get freaky on the dance floor and onlookers can judge me all day long as I do the "Sister Wives".

*That's kind of a joke because I don't think I have any polygamous readers, do I?  Do I?  Like you'd admit it to me now, right?  Fair enough.


Margi said...

OK, I love the video beyond belief and if I'm that kewlio as I age then bring it on baby!
As far as the polygamy goes, GAG GAG GAG! and an ACK! I'm no prude but that is so wrong on so many levels I want to vomit. To each their own granted but to me my own as well! YACKERS!

Diane said...

Omg! I was so planning on watching that. I didn't realize it came on last night. They seriously referred to their offspring as "pyglets"?! WTH? Sick, I tell you. Sick.
And that video is hilarious!

Me said...

Yeah, I had to call my real sister today and tell her that she needs to watch this because it's the Next Big Thing. Show-wise, not lifestyle-wise.

Jules said...

Hahahaha! I'm SO happy you guys are on the same page as me! I'm not crazy! It's icky, right?