Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Dolly

Good news!  I wasn't mauled by a bear!  The weekend was lovely- relaxing and fun.  Of course, I'm happy to be back to civilization now with a considerably lower risk of wild animal attacks.

Did everyone have a fun Halloween?!  I do not remember Halloween stretching out so long when I was little!  I wish it would have!  It's fine with me though, because the girls got a ton of use out of their costumes. Practically $1 per wear!  (that's quite an exaggeration but typing it makes me feel like a rockstar bargain shopper!)  We have enough candy to tide us over until Halloween 2011 (Lie!  With my help it will be gone before you can say, "I'm a hungry, hungry goblin") so I think it was a successful year.

In other Haloweeny news, I arrived home late Saturday night from my very relaxing weekend, quickly put the girls in bed, tidied up a little and opened my pantry to put something away.  This is what I found:
Why in the world I would ever let my brother alone in my house is a mystery.  Do you remember last time I left him?  See this post.  What a punk!  So I did what any warped Mommy would do... left it in there and instructed Molly to get some crackers out of the pantry.  What did she do when she opened the door?  Giggled.  And kept looking for crackers.  I asked what was so funny and she laughed, "there's a baby doll in here!"  So much for scaring some curl into her hair.  My daughter is already braver at three than I will ever be.

Note: this doll is not ours.  We have friends who brought it over for the express purpose of putting it in Jim's truck to scare him.  The hilarious evil plan worked and after that he put it high, high up in our garage behind a bunch of junk so we'd never accidentally see it.  My point is this: if it were actually our property it would be in the dumpster.  Also, my sick brother went to great lengths to get this thing out and into my pantry.  If you have a brilliant idea how I could get him back, I'm accepting ideas!

This is a very busy week. I have lots going on and I'm hosting a bridal shower at my house Saturday.  I could use a dog like Harvey:


Nicki Woo said...

You have a butternut squash in your pantry. Yummers. Whatcha gonna do with that?

Sorry, I do realize that the doll is what the post is about, yes she is frightening. Ugly. Ugly. But I like that kid of your's. Chuckling, and going right about her business to find a cracker. Love that girl!

On a related note. Why is the doll's head a different color than her body?

Jules said...

I don't know!!! Why IS her head a different color than her body!? Just to make her even creepier looking I think!

Yes, the squash! I actually have two. I was going to just eat it straight up, but maybe I'll make a soup. Is two squash enough for soup? Any good squash recipes in the bullpen over there you Home Guru?

Nicki Woo said...

Funny you should ask. No, I don't, but my mother and I were just talking about the perfectly yummy squash soup she had, that was delicately sweet. We are going to try and recreate. So, I'll let you know when that gets done. But, here's the issue. . .i looooovvvvvveeeee butternut squash, and I just can't get beyond eating it roasted with butter and brown sugar. So sue me!!!!