Monday, November 29, 2010

A Post Thanksgiving Ode

Holiday season is in full swiiiing!  No more messing around, game faces on!  Bring it Santa!  Do I have some Jewish readers?  Hannukah starts Thursday?!  I don't know how you are doing it!  I am going to need every second between now and Dec. 24 to make this Christmas happen!

But I don't want to get ahead of myself.  First let me rehash Thanksgiving for you.  I think it can best be expressed poetically:

We were off to my in-laws at ten
With 15+ loaves of bread in hand
They don't trust me to bake
So I was in charge of bread to take.

The only young kids were M and A
But teenage cousins were nice enough to play.
Dinner was yummy
Now I have a huge tummy.

Here's the dessert list- try not to salivate:
Beside the pumpkin pies there was a plate
of pumpkin bars and apple pie,
a Snickers cake so rich I thought I'd die,
apple carmel pie and chocolate pie too
an apple streusel pie and a whole slew
of candy bars and chocolate covered nuts
by the time were were done we had doubled our butts.
Then out came the brownies to wash it all down
And then it was back up for a second round.

Needless to say I was hurtin' real bad
The only comfort I found was in the Target ads.
If I never blog about a commercial again,
It's because nothing can top this perfect ten.
The series is funny, the actress just right,
Her over the topness sheds hilarious light
on our own sanity this time of year
so let's relax and enjoy some holiday beer cheer!

This one is my favorite hands down!  I love the "rum tummy tum" part!


Katie said...

I LOVE this blog concept! I am finally getting caught up on blogging, and noticed that you were one of my newest followers - thank you! My blog is not nearly as creative as yours, and boy did I need the laugh of the Target singing through the card aisle Ad.

You definitely earned yourself a new follower!

Jules said...

Welcome to Ad Bits Katie! Thank you so much for following! Yes, the Target card ad has gotten me through many stressed holiday moments this year! :)

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I popped over to check out the latest Ads, sadly we don't have target in Canada I hear great things about it but those ads were too funny I love the card one!