Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shower Me With Fun

What an insanely busy few days!  Biz.  Ee.  But fun!  My whole family was in town for my sister-in-law to be's shower (which we DID have power for, God love you for your electrical wishes).  The shower was a success as far as I know.  The bride had a hefty stash to haul home so that's a good sign, right?  She also got to meet a lot of our family and she still seems to want to marry into our insanity so that's good news too.  Here is my brother, his fiance, and their little dog:

I spent today catching up with my kids.  While I've been prepping for the shower the last few days my dear girls have been shooed into the playroom, coaxed into bed early, given fake jobs to keep them out of my way occupied ("why don't you count you count tiles for me?  Done?  Okaaaay... now, count the eyelets on all these shoes.  That has to be done before any successful bridal shower.")  The end result is that I miss playing with my babies!  For all my talk about craving adult conversation, I was happy to be Molly's pet unicorn this afternoon.

This is my favorite commercial right now.  Travelers is becoming quite a contender in the advertising arena.  I think the soundtrack totally makes this one. 

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