Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quickstep On By

In the last few weeks I've fallen hook, line, and swinger for Dancing With The Stars.  I think I've made a huge mistake the last 11 years in NOT watching this glorious dance-off!  Too bad for you guys, of course because now you have to hear about it every week.  But I find it's really satisfying the hole The Biggest Loser left in my reality show viewing lineup.  Does it leave me hungry for salsa?  Yes.  But it's still worth it.

SO, I am happy with all in the final four, but I think I'm cheering for Kyle Massey.  Which reminds me of an embarrassing thing that happened to me yesterday.  I was chatting with a mom at Molly's soccer practice and the conversation turned to DWTS.  She didn't know who Kyle Massey was.  When a physical description didn't help her, I was forced to rattle off his resume. 

Me: He's a Disney star.  He was on That's So Raven, then had his own show on Disney for a while called Cory in the House that didn't do so great.  It was about him living in the White House because his dad was a chef for the President.  Now he's the voice of Milo on the new animated series, Fish Hooks.
Soccer Mom (in a pleasant, but horrified kind of tone): Ok.  I won't tell anyone you just said that.
Me (dying inside): Thanks.

Now I know and you guys may know I frequent channels 290, 291, and 292 (Disney East Coast, West Coast, and Disney XD), but I imagine it can come as quite a shock to hear a fully grown woman spew out tween trivia the way I can.  Luckily it wasn't Selena Gomez or Hilary Duff on DWTS or else I'd still be spewing all over this "interested in age-appropriate things" soccer mom. 

Embarrassing, right?  Judge me if you must, but not before I hit you with some puns.  First let me just say what fox(trots) those pro dancers are, right?  Mambo mia!  The judges are fun, although sometimes they seem to have chips (and salsa) on their shoulders.  I was sad to see Florence Henderson go, but she seemed to have hit a wall(tz).  Tonight I plan to swing by my living room couch to tune in.  Maybe I'll enjoy a nice rumba and Coke too.  Ahhh... it's good to be ajive.  I'll stop now.  It's time for me to (tan)go anyway.  Cha cha for now!


Me said...

I really wish I would've watched it tonight so I could cheer Kyle on. Or eat in front of it. Isn't that what reality shows are for?!

That mom just didn't know how YOUNG you are, obviously!

Rachel said...

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars and have watched it for years, it's so fun! I can't believe Brandy got voted off!!

Jules said...

Thank you Me, that must be the case. And yes, I find it's much more fun to snack in front of DWTS than in front of Jillian Michaels' buff bod.

Rachel: Yes! You could have knocked me over with a feather from one of their fancy costumes! I have a hard time cheering for her or Jennifer Grey though because I sort of feel like they have an unfair advantage with their dance experiences. What's your take on that?