Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cow Belle!

I milked a cow today!  Those of you gazing out your front window at your very own dairy cows probably aren't impressed, but it was a big deal for a city girl like me.  Not as big a deal of course, as the time I helped deliver a calf (read about that experience here), but I was pretty pumped (much like the cow's udder!)  I don't want to brag, but I got milk out on the first try.  And I think the cow liked me.  That is, she didn't kick me in the head.

Here's Mols meeting a baby cow a while back:

If you don't have a friend with a dairy farm I highly recommend you get one- farms are just fascinating and... farmy.  Many times when we visit my friends' farm I put my girls in overalls because I just feel like I should.  Thanks to them, A's first animal noise was a cow, closely followed by a barn cat (which sounds strikingly similar to a non-barn cat!).  Visits to the farm also make me feel all rugged (for me that is).  Case in point, we took our kiddos for a walk down the road (yes, it was dirt) and Molly had to go potty.  Usually her spontaneous bladder is not a problem- we simply pull into a gas station or Taco Bell.  Today when she announced she had to go I think my exact words were, "Molly!  You've got to be kidding me!"  There was no where to go.  Except for the acres and acres of nature.  My friend pointed out she could just go right where we were, so she did.  Clumsily, yes, but she didn't saturate her clothes, which was all I really cared about.  And bonus!  I had tissues in my pocket!  Resourceful me! 

I'll spare you guys all my farmy puns.  Ha!  Did you fall for that?  It's a bunch of bull.  You've got to know I could never steer clear of cow puns!  Besides, I herd most people appreciate a good cow joke.  Ok!  I'll stop before you hoof on out of here without watching this fly commercial.  (Get it?  Fly?  Because cows attract flies?  No?  Alright, fair enough).  Seriously though, I'm in love with this commercial wholeheartedly.  Not just calfheartedly.


Nicki Woo said...

I know!!!! I love farms. I really feel like I should have one, but then I realize that I'm lazy, and that a good mix does not make.

I'm proud of yal for peeing right out there in the natural. I think it does a little something for your soul, and it helps air out things a bit too :)

Me said...

You have such awesome friends!! : )

I also encourage everyone to visit a dairy farm! Peeing outside optional.

Jules said...

@ Nicki, maybe just start with a cow or chicken or something and see how that goes? I think your neighbors would really like it.

@ Me: Yes, I thought you'd like this post. :)