Monday, November 15, 2010

Color Me Crazy

Reason #bajillion33 why I love Molly: she thinks I'm a straight-up culinary genius for feeding her such exquisite meals as scrambled eggs and applesauce.  "Mommy, you make great meals every night!" she exclaimed (the previous night I had picked up a rotisserie chicken).  God knew what he was doing giving me a girl who has a less than sophisticated palate.  I believe tonight our four star meal will consist of waffles and apples.  What's up now Julia Child?

Reason #bajillion33 why I love Adrienne: she has a temper!  I know this won't always be cute, but when she chucks her bottle clear across the room when I try to wipe her nose I can't help but crack up! (how infuriating for her, right?)  Or when she's mad about taking a nap and shoves my face away when I move in for a kiss?  I actually sort of love it.  She's so laid back and sweet normally, if it weren't for these little tantrums I'd worry people would walk all over her.  But nope- anyone who tries any funny business with this munchkin will suffer the wrath!  Love it!

Of course, now that A is getting older, my girls have morphed from indifferent roommates to partner in crime playmates.  This is what I want, it is.  Sort of.  In related news, tomorrow I'm off to buy a Magic Eraser to work on getting crayon off the door, pen off the stairwell, and eyeliner off the wall (it's surprising difficult to remove!)  If you guys have any tips for kiddie art removal please clue me in!  I've tried the obvious: soap and water, Goo Gone, miscellaneous chemicals...  I've heard good things about Magic Eraser though- you?

Edit: I actually wrote the above yesterday.  Today I bought a Meijer brand "Erasing Sponge" (Magic Erasers were out of stock- good sign!) and I've been scrubbing ever since.  We have a glorious invention on our hands!  I'm completely in love and am going to write Mr. Clean encouraging them to bring to market a Magic Toothbrush so I can get hard water stains out of my grout.  Am I on to something or what?!


Margi said...

Jules, the magic erasers are great but still take some elbow grease and time. I like to use the liquid comet with bleach,,,test on an area of your wall first of course,,,but for my walls,,,this stuff works the bestest ever! I have BEHR pain on all my walls in colors such as peanut butter and pebble path and I've had no issue with the paint fading or coming off.

Leanne said...

I think Magic Erasers are the BEST invention ever! And you are TOTALLY on to something with a MAGIC TOOTHBRUSH!!! Holy cow - look at how smart you are, lady!!!

Nicki Woo said...

Color you fabulous, darling!

Isn't it crazy how God just sends you the right silly kids that you need. How does he do that? Being God I guess, otherwise he would be King, but he/she's God and that's the job criteria.

And I was hoping your magic toothbrush idea could get stains out of your teeth (well not YOUR teeth per say - they look fabulous, I'm not trying to hate - I just mean teeth in general), and magically brush children's teeth. See if you can work that one in, will ya?