Saturday, November 13, 2010

Imma Champ!

I'm champion of the world today!!  Or, champion of Visaville at least.  I put a good size dent in my Christmas shopping today, but was methodical and smart about all my purchases!  I even managed to get myself a couple items without spending a cent.  Thanks to some gift cards from last ChristmasChampion!

In other exciting news, Jim and I are going out tonight for dinner and drinks with a couple friends, almost like we're real people with real social lives!  Wild!

Is P-Diddy still hip and cool?  Or tiiiiiight as the kids say (or used to say?)  In any event, here is a commercial featuring the rad Mr. Combs.  Cirock and roll baby!

Objection!  The explosive fist pound IS smooth!  It IS! 


Me said...

Yes, wild!!

Sandra the German said...

Yeeeeah a normal evening as a real person.... LOL....Julie you are so funny! You have wonderful kids and a great man and you talk about "real life"....;o)))
Well enjoy the night and I am glad you did not spend too much money with shopping (no I am not influenced by Jim). Have a wonderful night and greetings to all!
And P-Diddy is just cool!

Hope Ford said...

Hi Jules!! I just got your message on my blog! I know - the issue of Human Sex trafficking is unbelievable and absolutely mind blowing :( I am so glad that you have read Sold though! That book is one of the books that ignited this passion in me to raise awareness!


Nicki Woo said...

I'm so jealous. Thanks for rubbing it in.