Friday, November 12, 2010

Jules' Laws... Repeat

Here's a Friday Flashback friends.  It won't look familiar to you because it was originally written before anyone actually read my blog.  So happy you're here now!

Jules' Laws
My brother has long held the position that taking saunas should be a men-only experience (no, he's straight). Unfortunately for him I love me a sweatin' good time (Richard Simmons, eat your heart out!) In fact, it was in the sauna that my dad reminded me of the "Man Law" commercials by Miller Lite. How could I forget such awesomity! Such funnariness! Such brilliantary use of celebrities! Not to mention Miller makes good points. See below for my favorites.

Yeah, we don't know where those fingers have been.

Boys, I'd like to introduce you to the fist-pound.

I'd clink bottoms with you any day Mr. Reynolds.  Burt if you're nasty.

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Sandra the German said...

I remember your first post of those advertisings and I LOVED them and still do! They are soooo funny and yeah spa is the best way to spend the day and it is definitely NOT ONLY for men!!! I have to talk to your bro - seriously! LOL