Thursday, February 25, 2010

Geico For Ya Moneeeeey

This commercial makes me wish I had a vlog (and it should make AdBitters eternally thankful I do not) because I am making Geico's talking pothole my new alter ego. Those of you with the misfortune to have an in-person or over-the-phone relationship with me are in heaps of trouble. Expect, "and junk" to end my every sentence and, "sooooo... okay, bye!" to end my every conversation. Not to mention the, "did Ah do thaaat?" and the "cuz Ahm a pothole?" references. Pothole isn't as cute as the gecko naturally, but I do a better dumb pothole voice than Australian amphibian. In any event, Geico remains an Ad Bits champion! But I don't need to tell them that- I mean if you're showing up in a Kanye song* you know you've arrived, right?

*that's Golddigger for you non-Westerners

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