Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kist By The Fish

In high school my bestie and I had what we called the Glad Pad. It was a notebook in which we wrote everything that made us happy, and we asked everyone we knew to record their happiest things in it too. Here are a few examples:
~ Brand new, juicy markers
~ Watching TV through the hole of a Cheez-It
~ Finding a "pull through" parking spot
~ Ace, Captain Hook, and Scrunchie Pop-Tart (code names for our boy crushes; necessary so we could talk about them while they were standing right there)
~ Pickles
~ Warming my top gums with my tongue when it's cold (that was me- your Weird Julie Fact du jour)

But there, on the very first page (at the top of the page, although not quite #1) was an illustration of a little fish with bubbles. The text reads, "fish lips". Ten (plus) years later, I still love fish lips. It's one of the first things I teach my girls. How enduring is that adorable look!? Cheeks sucked in, eyes open wide, lips unnaturally puckered. So cute! In honor of fish lip lovers everywhere I give you this (not yet on YouTube) ad:

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