Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out D*mn Spot!

I have a pretty intimate relationship with Stanley Steemer.  They alone are familiar with the horrors that have been in my carpet.  And when I say horrors I mean um... body waste.  My dog has had one or two accidents during thunderstorms (normally we sedate her when a storm is coming, but every now and then the storm hits before her meds do); we watched my parents' dog for a while too who has some anxiety issues of his own.  I can empathize because I certainly have anxiety attacks around here and I flippin' live here.  Anyway, Stanley had to come out a few times during the dog's stay, God love 'em.  Then there's the obvious potty-training things that went on; most recently I forgot to put a diaper on* Adrienne (who does that?!) and she twosied all over the living room, mashing the ickiness in with as much vengeance as a one year old can muster.  Naturally, I'll be enlisting Stanley Steemer's services to work on Molly's nail polish escapade from a few weeks ago (you remember, right? Maybe not if you don't have bright red spots serving as harsh reminders).  So, I am an S.S. fan already- but throw an alpaca commercial into the mix and they become true rockstars. 

*Here's the kicker- this is not the first time I've forgotten to diaper a kid- a couple years ago Molly wet all over me at church before I realized she was going commando

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