Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Ok, Ok.  I think I know where I went wrong with this commercial.  The key is to drink a fifth of the product and then watch the ad.  I saw it last night during Tosh.O, which was fitting because Tosh and the commercial are both sooo out there.  I was totally lost when I saw it on TV, but was (barely) able to pick up on the product so I could YouTube it today:   After watching it a couple more times I still just. don't. get it.  But it's different and lemony and apparently effective since I remember the product and the ad so... I guess that makes it an Absolut Success!  The only question remains- where can I get that kick-fanny yellow leotard.  Uma Thurman?  Any ideas?

Note: Sorry, the embedding absolutly wouldn't work for me.  I wanted to [lemon] drop-kick YouTube out the window.

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