Monday, July 5, 2010

Orange You Glad It's Choco-Salt?

Orange is finally getting his big break! Of course he doesn't seem thrilled as it means getting a pretzel stuffed up his.... nose? Into his mouth? I can't imagine where else they would stick the salty little nugget. I understand his reluctance. His love life could go either way now. The voluptuous and tres elusive Green will either be way turned off by his... um... procedure, or she'll find his new found fame and flava super tasty. What about that Green anyway? She's like Smurfette- just a little smokeshow surrounded by fictional male animations. Lucky girls... can you imagine? They probably went to UTI of Illinois* too.

A plug: Have you tried these things yet? They're lethal. Look out Flipz.

*I read somewhere UTI had the highest male/female ratio of any college. Makes sense... what girl would want to attend a college named for a painful peeing problem?

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