Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simply Gooalicious

Feelings on this ad could go either way. Do you love the blurpy sound effect (reminiscent of the fun drink technology that was the Burple*) and cherish the thought of going for a dip in super sticky, tastily scandalous caramel? Or does the squish noise evoke memories of 4th grade armpit f**ts, while the pool of caramel reminds you of a Caramello that went through the dryer, giving your favorite clothes a certain stickiness forever?

Personally, I was pleasantly disgusted by the commercial. Like when my kids are sick and they produce a tissue full of ick. I'm disgusted, of course, but simultaneously happy for the kiddo to be clearing things out. Now that you're good and repulsed, here's the ad. Which will seem like puppy dogs and rainbows compared to the picture I just painted for you.

*Wikipedia definition of Burple: Burple is a discontinued drink mix that was packaged in an expandable accordion-like plastic container. There were two sizes of Burple available, a lunchbox-size and a full-size container. To prepare the drink, the container was stretched to expand it to its full size and water was added to the concentrated liquid in the bottle. The drink was often compared to Kool-Aid and came in the flavors grape, strawberry, cherry, and orange. The label included instructions for poking a hole in the cap to convert the container into an ad hoc squirt gun after finishing the drink.

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