Thursday, July 15, 2010

Underwear Etiquette

The other day Jim's boss came for dinner. So we were trying to at least kinda sorta resemble a civilized, well-mannered family unit. Molly had strict instructions to be on her best behavior. Which she actually (surprisingly!) was. Discounting one slip-up. Just as BossMan was commenting that my girls had good table manners, I was saying, "Molly please sit on your chair" and in the milli-second that followed Molly explains, I can't sit down! I keep getting wedgies! And she stands to dramatically yank those panties right out of her behind. Ah. Well. That was the biggest mishap of the evening, which makes it a wild success in my book. And admit it. Wedgies are maddening. So would having the problem mentioned in the commercial below. So for bottoms everywhere, and as a nod to the Tour de France (which I have followed not at all) here is today's ad:

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