Monday, July 26, 2010

Et tu, Staples?

Is everyone out to get me?!  What have I ever done to you Staples, but used your fax and copy machines?  Purchased a 500 count pack of yellow paper when really I only needed like 10 sheets?  Bought your overpriced (but the perfect size for Adi's first birthday party invitations) envelopes?  And what thanks do I get?  This commercial:

My readers are good, responsible parents so this ad probably doesn't upset you guys at all.  And those of you who know me may want to stop reading here because I'm going to freak out about The Green Form yet again. 
It's just that Molly is going to preschool in September so they sent us some forms, including a green form for the doctor to fill out.  So when she went for her physical I patted myself on the back the entire day for remembering to take it with us for completion.  I got too cocky though, and now the green form is MIA.  I've torn my car and house apart looking for the little green b**tard to no avail.  My current strategy is to live in denial until August 8th (form is due on the 9th).  And here comes flippin' Staples with a commercial like this, hitting a little too close to home with their school supply list.  Ugh.  The swagger wagon parents would never let this happen.

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