Monday, July 19, 2010

Your Ad HERE!

Home Sweet Home! I'm happy to report I made it in and out of Chicago in one piece. My home (and my babies!) were also in one piece when I arrived, which tells me Jim can handle things and I'm free to put him in charge more often! Of course, I missed the girlies terribly though and it turns out I just can't hang like I used to. Two nights in a row of stumbling home in heels at 4am just about did me in. When I went for my run this morning I'm pretty sure I was sweating Red Bull and vodka. Blech. Here we are staying on the bridge as long as possible because there was the most heavenly breeze up there.

The drive there and back wasn't even bad, plus I had billboards (I guess you could say I wasn't billBORED!) to look at. One read, "YOUR WIFE IS HOT! Call Smoky's Air Conditioning today!" Another argued, "Education too expensive? Try ignorance!" Below was an itty bitty logo, that I couldn't see, but it must have been an academic institution. Or good ole U of Oblivious took it literally and adopted it as their manifesto. My favorite was an ad for a law firm; the images were of a woman's hot legs and a man's bare chest. It made the argument that, "Life is short. Get a divorce." A law firm with a sense of humor? Whodathunkit?

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