Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bull-ogna In Chicago

Weeeee! Ad Bits is now a multi-state blog! I write this entry from my sister's darling little apartment in The Windy City. Actually, it was 99 degrees in the shade yesterday as she and I and our sis-in-law to be moved two enormous couches up the winding staircase and into her flat. A little breeze would have been much appreciated.

We're having a ton of fun; me, pretending to be young and hip and collegey again, and my sisters, pretending I'm not totally humiliating them with my wine induced antics. Whatevs. There's a good chance I'll never get an invite again, so I'm making the most of my weekend sans kids*. I YouTubed Chicago commercials and this one won solely because of the pun. No bull.

*Nobody is buying my collegey act in large part because I lead with, "I'm married and I have two of the cutest little girls you ever did see. Wanna see pictures?" The only one who was willing and enthusiastic about my girlies' pics was my new BFF: the lotion, soap, paper towel hander outer in the bathroom at one of our stops. God love 'er.

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