Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dating and Skiing In Zoos

This is a humorous and refreshing take on your run of the mill online dating ad. Here is an industry that has great potential for funny commercials! Do you hear me eHarmony? Match.com? Take a page out of Zoosk's book and make some fun. But Zoosk. You are far from perfect, you weird little company. Zoosk already has a too-odd-to-market name (I suspect it might also pop up if you Google "zoos in Saskatchewan" or "zoos that sell Skittles"). Additionally, their logo is cutesy to the cutesy degree. Lime green, white, and a poofy, red heart that mwahh! kisses the inexplicable, funky-fonted "Zoosk". It's so Lisa Frank it's almost painful.
The logo may be Jr. High-ish, but the content is significantly more adult. I love our heroine's last line: "Maybe just a movie date would be nice". As opposed to the get. it. on. date she was originally looking for? I hope she finds true love, or at the very least a nice rhino or giraffe to go skating with.

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