Friday, July 30, 2010

Sock It To Me

Skittles has the weirdest commercials.  Their marketing team must smoke some fancy stuff, but I think it actually pays off! The commercials somehow gracefully straddle the funny fence; one side is disturbing (no college for tree boy!) and the other side is even more disturbing (the finger-esque beard man).  See 4/1/10 post to view both bizarre ads (  Skittles latest commercial isn't as gross as it is oddly hilarious.  Also, please don't be surprised when I show up to your Halloween party this year dressed as a tube sock.  Tubular costume dude!  Sorry, I'll put a sock in it.  Please, I know my lame puns can't possibly shock you anymore.  Frankly, I think they're [electro]cute!

Here's another weird one for ya.  You know who would love these commercials?  Roald Dahl.  Am I right?  I bet The Twits loved Skittles.

A side note about Skittles: I have purchased Skittles at almost every ice arena in the Midwest.  It was a must-have during my brother's hockey games.  But it wasn't always Skittles.  When he first began playing hockey it was the Charleston Chews.  Ohmy.  I suddenly have a pregnancy-like craving for a CC.  Do they still make those?!  Please advise!!

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