Tuesday, July 20, 2010

e-Trading In The Good Life

There are some celebrities I feel bad for: Mary Kate and Ashley Olson I believe try to stay out of the limelight and just live their lives (and if their lives don't include food that's their business!); Jessica Simpson gets picked on a lot, but a)I'm not sure she realizes it and b)she seems like a decent girl- last I checked ditzy wasn't a crime. I even feel bad for Brittney Spears- she's too pitiful to pick on. Then there's Lindsay Lohan who challenges my empathy on a daily basis and yet, I feel none. I just sort of feel like.... that's what you get for dying your perfectly nice red hair*.

So it's not breaking my heart that she's off to jail today. In fact, it gave me blog material so I'm even taking some delight in it. If you aren't on board with her being a twerp yet, let me remind you of this e-Trade commercial that prompted her to sue for $100 mill.

It's too absurd for me to comment on further. Wait no, I guess not.
1. Lindsay is not a particularly unique name. Had they used LiLo, I'd at least understand where she's coming from.
2. Being a milkaholic is a good thing! They go nicely with chocaholics.
3. Baby Lindsay doesn't even look like baby LiLo. e-Trade baby had meat on her bones, brownish hair, and was cute. They are both babies, but LiLo didn't play that angle in court.
4. $100 million??? Stick to your day job Linz. Which, I guess is making license plates now.

*This is a joke. Sort of.

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